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The Sun Sessions CD

This is my favorite Elvis recording ever. Young, raw talent not overproduced. Elvis has the sound of enthusiasm in his voice and delivery that America and the world embraced and fell in love with. Scotty Moore kicks butt on all, but especially on "I’m Left, You’re Right, She’s Gone". What a great song. I can listen to that recording over and over again. All are great songs, done only the way Elvis can do them, but the production by Sam Phillips, his band Scotty Moore and Bill Black. Oh, don’t forget It includes "That’s All Right" one of the few recordings regarded as "the first rock and roll record. Check it out!

Product description The Sun Sessions CD This is the Big Bang of rock & roll, the moments when Elvis Presley, guitarist Scotty Moore and bassist Bill Black first twanged up their R&B and heated up their C&W, igniting an explosion that created the world we now inhabit. Rock & roll has never been as elemental, as jubilant or desperate, as the versions here of Arthur Crudup’s "That’s All Right" and Bill Monroe’s "Blue Moon Of Kentucky." And just as significantly, on "I Love You Because" and "Blue Moon," The Sun Sessions include the beginnings of Elvis’ earnest ballad style that would soon be nearly as influential as his creation of rockabilly. –David Cantwell

The Sun Sessions CD Review

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Great CD

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