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The Story Of My Life

I am a Deana Carter fan and I own a number of her albums. Deana has a voice that was not cut using the typical “cookie cutter” they use in country music today. BTW, there is very little new country music that I would call good. For the most part, the Deana albums I own are good and were worth the price I paid. But, for “The Story of My Life” album I cannot say that. I find 10 of the tracks ok but I do have a problem with track 9 “Sunny Day”. Deana thanked God for her gift and the album but I do not think He gave her this song. The profanity is hard to take and ruins the song. I like to listen to songs over and over but this one I cannot take. When I copied the album to my iPod I had to unchecked track 9. Deana, you can do better than that! Check it out!

Product Description This is the first Vanguard release for Deana and she decided to start it out with a hard rocking song, “The Girl You left Me For” as the lead song on her newest album. Lots of bitterness, sorrow and anger seethes thru a lot of these songs. Vanguard. 2005. Deana Carter’s multiplatinum 1996 debut, Did I Shave My Legs for This?, established the Nashville native as a winsome risk-taker: the Matraca Berg/Gary Harrison-penned hit “Strawberry Wine” positioned Carter as a maker of Southern–though not strictly country–music, and dared to put steamy sensuality back into the threadbare theme of lost innocence. Nine years later, she’s still crossing the line and watching love slip through her fingers, though perhaps not as memorably as before. The Story of My Life, her first record for an independent label, is a full Carter showcase–she wrote, produced, and played on all eleven cuts. That’s both the album’s strength and its weakness. Carter starts out like a house afire with “The Girl You Left Me For,” a declaration of desire (“I want your perfume on my pillowcase… I want to feel you on my fingertips”) wrapped in a blanket of smart, sexy pop. But as the relationship sours in subsequent songs, Carter loses her producer’s chops, even as the melodies linger. She’s always been a fan of ’70s pop, but inserting a Beatlesque break in the middle of “She’s Good for You” is both jarring and precious, especially since other offerings, like the wistful “Not Another Love Song,” seem underproduced. While Carter would do well next time to bring in a more seasoned partner behind the board, there’s no denying her winsome charm as a Southern girl who has no qualms about going all the way. –Alanna Nash




The Story Of My Life Review


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I suppose the first track is OK, but I’d have preferred it without all the “yeah, yeah, yeah” stuff. It works well enough in pop music as the Beatles proved, but it doesn’t help here. Other than that, this is a fantastic album. Deana wrote or co-wrote all the songs including the title track and One day at a time, although these titles have been used on other, more famous, songs. One day at a time (perhaps the best song here) could just as easily been titled You gotta make history, which would avoid any possible confusion. The song includes plenty of name-dropping, mentioning a lot of people from the past, not all of them who you’d expect to get a mention in a country song. Atlanta and Birmingham is about falling in love during a plane journey, but I wonder if it was a one-sided love. It seems from the song that the couple didn’t maintain contact thereafter. She’s good for you is about the other woman being a better partner for her ex, but wishing it were not so. Deana suggests that she doesn’t want another heart breaking love song in Not another love song, but those are what a lot of people like to buy these days. You can be sure that Deana will be writing plenty more :-)There’s a lot of great music here and only the opening track prevents me for giving this album the 5 stars that it otherwise deserves.

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