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The Sickness

This was the start of it all for Disturbed with Draiman’s distinct, signature voice being introduced to the world. His vocal dynamic range is incredible and he’s the one who really shines here. Whether its the wails at the start of "Down With The Sickness" or throwing in some Hebrew during the bridge in "Stupify," Draiman takes over this album with Donegan and the rhythm section laying down the heavy backdrop for him. "Stupify" is arguably the best song on the record with its electronically tinged intro and awesome bridge with sitar type guitar and a crazy wah-wah breakdown along with a great outro where Draiman goes nuts screaming "look in my face, stare in my soul. " Other gems are "The Game" with cool techno-ish intro, the hard driving "Want," and the incredible cover of Tears For Fears’ "Shout. " And although "Down With The Sickness" turned out to be the band’s biggest hit, the profanity laden bridge is amateurish. Granted, it does have a catchy riff, and I get how it became a rock radio staple especially as "nu metal" was in full swing and at its commercial peak. However, the band has matured and musically improved leaps and bounds since this record. While this album was Disturbed’s most commercially successful album, it is my least favorite of theirs after "Asylum. " I felt that the band as a whole really started to show its technical prowess and dynamism starting with "Believe" and more so on "Ten Thousand Fists," incorporating more metal along with their original style to separate themselves from the rest of the pack. That being said, it’s still one of the best albums during the "nu metal" period and Disturbed emerged as one of the very few bands of that period that continues to be relevant and have commercial success today, continuing to put out great music. Check it out!

A Chicago metal quartet, Disturbed has been driving fans in the Midwest wild with their frenetic, theatrical live show. On their debut album, The Sickness, the band combines an over-the-top metal groove appealing to the underground with radio-friendly melodic hooks that grab hold of mainstream rock fans. Disturbed is that rare hard group with street credibility and musical chops. Now that is truly disturbing.Certified Multi-Platinum (2 times) by the RIAA. (2/01)

The Sickness Review

When I am angry, Disturbed is my go-to band. Some radio hits here that totally rock! I wish they had more of a connection to the Blues. They are total thrash. This guy’s voice is not human in a good way. Very talented vocalist. Some filler songs don’t do it for me. -Read Reviews-

How would you know? See, the thing of it is – and if Megadeth taught me anything – if I know I’m crazy, I must not be insane but Dave didn’t saying anything about just being disturbed. .. how do you know?? Buy this album. Early on in the new millineum rock and hip hop had a baby and the wicked cool tracks on this scorcher has its blood all over its face. Disturbed gained noteriety after they ‘evil up-ed’ Tears for Fears wuss party, pass me a Klenex hit “Shout”; – when front man David Draiman shouts its impossible to not take note. In my humble opinion this album was pretty much the best thing this band laid out for us with tracks like The Game, Sickness, and Stupify – subsequent albums seem to slowly lose their fizzle. It was a slow ride down but a good one. If you can’t handle the heat on this album, get out of Distrubed’s kitchen. If I had to only have one Disturbed disc, this is it.

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