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The Paper Bag Princess 25th Anniversary Edition Hardcover – Special Edition, September 1, 2005 by Robert Munsch (Author)

I guess I didn’t look carefully, and when I got this book in the mail I thought it was only the “story behind the story. ” I was really only interested in the story itself. What a relief when I discovered the story was still in this edition. Now I feel like I bought the book and got bonus materials. The story is sweet and reads like a story, not political and social commentary. I have a 5 year old boy who loves to play knights and save princesses, but I wanted him to understand that girls don’t always need rescuing and in fact sometimes they do the rescuing. He was engaged the whole time, as the illustrations are interesting and any story with a dragon is a plus. We were able to talk about facial expressions and manners along the way, as the prince has a furrowed brow at the beginning and doesn’t say thank you in the end. This is a book I would recommend to both boys and girls. Check it out!

Review A feminist manifesto in children’s book form, and even at six, I was enchanted… kick-ass story. (National Post 2005-09-24)One of the best princess stories ever told, Elizabeth turns the princess stereotype on its head, empowering young girls to be true to themselves. (Elizabeth Shaffer BC Parent)Since its publication in 1980, the book has been reprinted 52 times, sold over three million copies and been translated into dozens of languages. This special 25th anniversary edition includes the original illustrated version of the story plus much, much more…. In both style and content, the text of the “story behind the story” part of this special anniversary edition is perfectly suited to early elementary readers. Fans of the artist will undoubtedly enjoy Martchenko’s bright and cheeky drawings which enliven every page…. Educators should note that, as well as providing teachers, librarians and parents with a perfect opportunity to re-visit the well-loved story, The Paper Bag Princess: The Story Behind the Story is a wonderful enrichment resource for older students involved in book-making projects. Highly Recommended. (Valerie Nielsen Canadian Materials 2005-09-16)Starred Selection 2006 Starred Selection 2006 (Canadian Children’s Book Centre)

The Paper Bag Princess 25th Anniversary Edition Hardcover – Special Edition, September 1, 2005 by Robert Munsch (Author) Review

My daughter loved this book when we checked it out from the library, but instead of just getting the regular version I sprung for the 25th anniversary edition. First of all, the story is 5-star for me. The 25th Anniversary edition is another issue. It is good, but I think it is written for people who grew up with this book. Though the new material is kid-friendly, it really isn’t that interesting and is really more of a history lesson on archaic publishing practices than it is educational on how books are now being made. I could accept all of that though. The kicker and the -1 star is putting the new meta-crap first! If I’m reading this to my kid I want to open up to the story, not the story’s story. Flip the material and get five stars. Otherwise, this is a collectors/reminiscessors item and not a kids book. Get the original if you actually want to read it to your 6 or less year old kid. -Read Reviews-

I know this sounds trite, but I rarely leave reviews. Given that this is my all-time favorite childhood book, I feel it’s necessary. As a 30-something that grew up with her mom and grandma reading her this book, and idolizing Elizabeth’s fierce independence, I was absolutely delighted to see this edition. I bought it right away and love that it tells the ‘story behind the story’ (as well as the story). I would NOT recommend this edition to a child, because they frankly won’t enjoy it (the story is buried in the middle). If that is your goal, go with the regular edition (note, I give the regular edition to all my friends’ kids at their ~3rd birthday and it’s always a favorite). But if you are like me, a 30-something that grew up loving Elizabeth and her cunning ways, this is a must-add to your library.

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