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The Night I Followed the Dog Paperback 4.6 out of 5 stars

The story is cute. Didn’t like that they ended up in a bar. Check it out!

The Night I Followed the Dog Paperback 4.6 out of 5 stars Review

One of my all time favorites for reading to kids and for having them read aloud and to family members. The words are "animated" by being cleverly illustrated and kids love this book for the imaginative story and fun creative illustration of many of the words. A winner all the way around – for elementary students 1-6 grade. -Read Reviews-

We first encountered this book about 5 years ago when my oldest son was 3 and we found it at the library. He took it out over and over so we had to buy our own copy. He read it regularly for a long while, then kinda grew away from story time for awhile – he just couldn’t sit still. My youngest son who is now 3 just loves this book! And the cool thing is that now my oldest son who is 8 is reading it to him, and just this past week brought it to school to read to the class as “star student of the week”. He still calls it one of his favorite books. My 14 year old daughter loves to read it to the younger kids because ‘it is fun’ – we’ll get to see how a little girl likes it too, since we have a 7 month old! Great, great book! I came looking for more like it.

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