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The Neon Lawyer Audio CD – Audiobook, CD, Unabridged by Victor Methos (Author)

As a criminal defense lawyer for more than thirty years, I highly recommend this book to all; but especially to trial lawyers. The practice of law can be an easy road to apathy. Lawyers must endure the wrath of the court, the prosecutors, the victims, and even the community in which they live. Our role is essential to preserving the constitutional rights we so cherish, but this is often forgotten until someone is in need of our services. This book not only gives an inside look at the practice of law, but serves as an inspiration to the battle worn lawyers who may not have the time to remember that we are here to seek justice. Check it out!

About the Author Victor Methos was born in Kabul, Afghanistan, and lived in Pakistan and Iran before permanently settling in the United States. A fluent speaker of several Middle Eastern languages, he studied science, philosophy, and religion at the University of Utah before attending law school. He’s worked as a prosecutor specializing in violent crime and is currently a criminal defense attorney. He divides his time between San Diego, Las Vegas, and Salt Lake City.

The Neon Lawyer Audio CD – Audiobook, CD, Unabridged by Victor Methos (Author) Review

I have been a legal secretary for many years and some of the facts in this case about “baby” lawyers is so right on the mark. there is more injustice in the system than justice. interesting reading. -Read Reviews-

Better than Grisham, this beautifully written legal procedural gets everything right from legal details to colorful characters that you absolutely believe. First day on your first job in the crowded legal profession that has no room for you? It gets worse. Your new boss is closely associated to the Russian mob and deeply cynical. His best advice to his new employee is to not attract the attention of the Bar Association. On day two, after losing his first case, a traffic ticket, he’s handed a promotion and a murder case. The murderer is a young woman who killed the man who brutally murdered her five year old daughter. The DA is up for election and a bit of a killer himself since he’s pressing for the death penalty and won’t settle for less than aggravated murder. Not since The Lincoln Lawyer has there been such an interesting legal guy to hang out with. I hope he makes another appearance before the court.

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