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The Mostly True Story of Jack Audible – Unabridged Kelly Barnhill (Author),

I read The Witch’s Boy by Kelly Barnhill last week and enjoyed it so much I immediately picked up The Mostly True Story of Jack. Sadly I was disappointed in this story. While I still like the author’s writing style, I felt like this story was just really confusing and if I was confused as an adult reading it I can’t see many middle graders getting it either. I still am not sure exactly what was going on. .why was The Lady split in two and how did that happened exactly? Why would they swap children and steal souls? I was just confused and even after going back to reread passages I still couldn’t figure it out. It seems like a great idea that just wasn’t pulled together very well. Check it out!

The Mostly True Story of Jack Audible – Unabridged Kelly Barnhill (Author), Review

This book is nothing serious and an easy read. I had something stressful going on and I needed a book I could put down and pick up easily. I enjoyed the simplicity of this book for the time I needed a distraction. -Read Reviews-

The Mostly True Story of Jack is about a boy whom no one really notices, not even his parents. They barely remember his name. When his parents divorce, they send him to live with his strange aunt and uncle in a tiny little farm town. In a strange house with even odder people. Here he finally makes a friend while dealing with the evil lurking beneath the town – and learns his place in it all. Nicely written story, Jack’s pain is so real and heart wrenching. The townspeople are well developed and the real story is unique.

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