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The Littlest Fairy Paperback – May 29, 2013 by Michael Yu (Author)

I loved this book. My kids and I read this last night and found it to be totally charming. These are some of the best illustrations I have ever seen in a Kindle children’s story. The little fairies and magical creatures are so cute that you want to keep looking at the pictures even when you are done reading the book. I loved the lesson in the story and thought the ending was perfect for a story intended for this age group. My sons and I took turns reading this together and the book was long enough to give us twenty minutes of enjoyment. I particularly liked that this story let the little fairy learn a lesson through her own actions. I think it is important for children to identify with characters that make their own mistakes and learn from them and this book does just that. The character is very cute and my kids could identify with her desire to not go last on everything as they frequently have this argument with each other. Very, very good. I did find one mistake in the book that did not affect our enjoyment, but I did want to point out to the author. At location 77 there is the following sentence “On the other side of the ocean lay the vast, deep blue ocean. “Overall, a magical and worthwhile read for children. Check it out!

The Littlest Fairy Paperback – May 29, 2013 by Michael Yu (Author) Review

The Littlest Fairy ( A gorgeous children’s picture book with unicorn, leprechaun, dragon, ice cat, mermaid for ages 2-10)Illustrated colorful children’s book about the littlest fairy. She never gets to choose what they are going to eat and flowers because the older bigger fairies always get to the best ones first. It’s not fair so she talks to a unicorn and decides to look further for a new home. She goes to many different places and likes something about each of them. She does go back to her real home and others have missed her and allow her to choose the first flower that day and all is well. … -Read Reviews-

While searching for children’s books for my sister, I stumbled upon this book. As I always do, I read the book before allowing her to read it. It was a FANTASTIC read. It’s a bit longer than typical picture books, which to me is an advantage because the length prepares children to read longer literary works in the future. The story itself keeps the reader engaged in Selena’s story. The lesson that this book imparts is quite valuable. Children will see the importance of contentment, of being satisfied with what they have and with the people who love them. It’s a great lesson that everyone should learn, and this book teaches through a thoroughly enjoyable story. Highly recommended!

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