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The Killer Ascendant (John Rain Series) Audio CD – Audiobook, CD, Unabridged by Barry Eisler (Author, Reader)

Aside from my recommendation to read the John Rain series, it occurs to me that readers may be interested in my qualifications to write a review. Boring stuff, I’ll admit, but you can then decide if my review is all wet. I’m a voracious reader of more than 50 years with a broad interest in not just Barry Eisler novels but an array of subjects including science and philosophy. I am a blogger, a lawyer and have many years in the TV industry allowing me to read thousands of scripts, good and not-so-good. Thus, I can separate the wheat from the chaff. I’ve read all the Rain thrillers in order and recommend you do the same. Though each is a stand-alone novel, each contains minor references to something that has happened before, so you may want to read them in order. This is the last in the series so it helps a bit to read the books in order. The John Rain series is gripping from the first to the last. Once started, they are hard to put down. The action, the pursuit , the setting and even the philosophizing (short) pulls the reader in and doesn’t let up. Some reviewers expect Rain to remain at the top of his game even though he is aging and his instincts and reflexes are slowing. As Rain ages and thinks of retiring from the life he leads, his evolution is consistent with the passage of time. His relationship with the attractive Delilah ripens and adds to his quandary about retiring. Can he save his friend Dox, can he grow beyond the killer he is and still have a relationship with Delilah, can he survive just one more job or will he carelessly become the victim of doubt and the dangerous Hilger? All this and more is found in the last of the Rain series. By all means, read it and the ones preceding it. You will be on the edge of your seat the whole time. The only reason I didn’t give this and its companions five stars is because it is formula rather than high literature. Still, if possible, I would give this and Mr. Eisler’s previous Rain thrillers four and a half stars. Read them and see. Bet ya can’t read just one. Check it out!

From Publishers Weekly In Eisler’s predictable sixth thriller to star half Japanese, half American assassin John Rain (after 2006’s The Last Assassin), Rain’s longtime rival, rogue CIA agent Jim Hilger, kidnaps Rain’s sniper friend Dox and threatens to kill Dox unless Rain murders three people Hilger wants dead. Despite his ambivalence about his chosen trade, Rain carries out the hits with little remorse. Rain’s adventures take him to the usual glamorous locales—Paris, London, Amsterdam—while throughout he remains nostalgic for his Japanese heritage. In a subplot, Rain’s Mossad agent lover, Delilah, enlists some Israeli colleagues in an attempt to foil a major terrorist plot. The revelation of why the three murder victims were selected comes as the book’s one real surprise. 150,000 first printing; author tour. Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. –This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

The Killer Ascendant (John Rain Series) Audio CD – Audiobook, CD, Unabridged by Barry Eisler (Author, Reader) Review

I have been hooked on the John Rain novels ever since I read the first book in the series (Rain Fall). Every new book seems to be better than the last. I just finished reading the sixth book (Requiem for an Assassin by Barry Eisler) in this series and loved it. I have read this John Rain novel series in the order they were published so that I would be familiar with what has happened previously in this assassin series. I found this one to be the most suspenseful because Johns good friend and partner in the last few books, has been kidnapped by a ruthless and sadistic rogue CIA operative named Jim Hilger. After they grab Dox and torture him by water boarding, they find out how to contact the secretive and very careful Assassin for hire John Rain. Hilger wants John Rain to use his special skills to assassinate three different people and then he would let Dox go. John Rain is no fool and realizes that he is being set up and that unless he can figure out how to rescue Dox, both he and his friend will be assassinated. I never like to give away too much information when reviewing a novel because it spoils it for anyone who may want to read the book. If you are a John Rain fan you should check out this fast paced novel. Rating: 5 Stars. Joseph J. Truncale (Author: Pro-Systems Combatives Vol. 1,2) -Read Reviews-

The protagonist in this story is an assassin. He dispatches two innocent people in order to keep his friend alive. In the end he kills his arch-enemy, but that seems almost anticlimactic when compared with the careful planning and execution needed for killing his first two civilians in a way that makes their deaths look natural. It is to the author’s credit that the reader can be brought into the challenges of these killings without being turned off by this kind of activity. I was actually on the edge of my seat while Rain coped with setbacks of chance while carrying out his nefarious assignments. Somehow Rain is able to keep his moral neutrality despite what he does for a living.

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