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The Kill Order (Maze Runner, Book Four; Origin) Audio CD – Audiobook, CD, Unabridged by James Dashner (Author)

I have really struggled with this review as I wanted SO badly to love this book as I did the first three in the series. ..but just couldn’t! Of course it was well written and the narration was once again excellent but the story completely fell short. ..for me at least. Having read and LOVED all of the first 3 books in the Maze Runner series, I was hoping that this prequel would provide answers., why, when. ..but I got nothing but chapter after chapter after chapter of survival fight moments that were, at best, repetitive. I felt like very little thought went into this prequel and much of the book revolves around survival battles rather than painting a picture of what caused the sun flares and a believable reason as to why the flare virus was released. ***SPOILERS***At the very end of the book the small pack of battle survivors discovers one written memo which describes the world government leaders coming together to release the virus as a form of population control in order to conserve resources. ..yet probably 90% or more of the population had been wiped out by the sun flares and the survivors were existing just fine in separate small settlements and not stealing or bothering anyone else so the idea of the virus being released for population control by the collective world governments was really not believable. If a group of militia had released it to further wipe out the human race and keep all remaining resources for themselves, I could have bought that. Even Alien invasion or mad scientists would have been more believable. The characters were completely different and all. ..with the exception of maybe Alec,. ..were, in my opinion, forgettable. The original characters from the first 3 books were well developed and memorable which made the books so engaging. I’d hoped that the original characters would have been woven into the prequel to tell the tale of how the past brought forth these characters but there was only a short mention of them in the very beginning. The book focused so much on the survival battles that you got to know very little about these new characters themselves and my heart didn’t break when any of them died. You know Mark and Trina were friends and neighbors before the flares and Mark has the uncanny ability to dream in sequential order but aside from that, not much depth to either. You know that Alec and Lana were ex-military and severed together but nothing more about them or their relationship. So much was focused on fight after fight after fight with a lot of repeated dialogue and not enough time spent developing these characters that you’re only going to have appear in one book. Then all the really unbelievable moments,. how many times can Mark hang out of a window with an infected clinging to him. ..not to mention from a fast moving air ship. …and never fall or get ripped off by the wind/weight. ..and hanging by his feet??? I think not. And, how can we find it believable that a crazed infected who doesn’t even know their own name can grab a highly sophisticated vaporizing weapon and figure out how to use it within seconds when Alec had to teach Mark how to use it? Even the story of their NY struggles and escape following the sun flares also could have been told in a much better way than sequential dreams by one character. ..seriously, Mark dreamt one episode a night until the whole story was told. ..? There were times that it became so hokey that I was actually rolling my eyes and yelling at the CD player! Sad but true. ..All in all, I found the book to be well written and narrated in general but found the storyline boring and frustrating with the exception of the first and last chapter and a couple of moments in between. I could have easily skipped this one and one on to book 5 (which I’m already into) and have never missed a thing. Check it out! Review A Letter from James Dashner: Top Ten Things I’d Want During the Apocalypse 10. Very, very strong sunglasses. 9. Lots of plastic to wrap around my house. 8. A stranger taken in who happens to be the smartest, ablest doctor in a thousand years. 7. A server containing every show that’s ever been on HBO and a nice entertainment system on which to watch it all. 6. An e-reader loaded with 5,000 books. 5. A generator and a gas refinery next door to provide fuel so I can watch all those shows and charge my e-reader. 4. Deodorant that smells like a rotting dead body so zombies think I’m just one of them. 3. Lifetime supplies in my basement of the following: hot dogs, Almond Joys, potato chips, and Mountain Dew. 2. A cloaking device to hide my house from the tyrannical, evil, bloodthirsty government that will inevitably spring up. 1. Oh, and my wife and kids. –This text refers to the Hardcover edition.

The Kill Order (Maze Runner, Book Four; Origin) Audio CD – Audiobook, CD, Unabridged by James Dashner (Author) Review

The prequel to the Maze Runner is another thriller. We get to explore the back-story about what happened all those years before the Maze. The destruction, the death, the Flare. There are new characters to get to know, and only a very subtle link to those that we all know in the Maze. The underlying plot centers around two main characters. One, a young guy having to step up in a world thats gone crazy, and the other, seasoned by a military past. Its an unlikely duo, but they have a strong bond that has been borne from shared tragedy. There are plenty of desperate times when they both need to make some very hard choices. Ive read a lot of dystopian books over the years, they deal with destroyed societies, oppressive governments, dreadful disease, and violence fuelled by desperation. But for some reason this one seemed to click, making me really think about how I would cope if something as extreme as the Flare ever occurred. The loss of security, the loss of every comfort I take for granted, the loss of family and friends, the loss of knowing that there is always food and water whenever its needed. It really did hit me, and I dont know why this book made that happen. Perhaps it was because much of it was in an urban setting. A place that is so relatable. Walking through the chaotic streets, seeing the crumbling lifestyle in the midst of the ruins of what once provided the security that everyone needed, the loss of that place called home. Dashner captures the extremes. The nightmarish battles between survival and mistrust, and the final threads of human logic that linger in the shadows of crumbling minds. For me, The Kill Order made me really think about how fragile our society is, and about how easily this could happen more likely by our own wars and conflict than by a natural event. Once we lose our health, our safety and our compassion, everything crumbles. IN A NUTSHELLA lesson on the fragility of society, and a window into the events before the Maze. A gripping read. -Read Reviews-

I just couldn’t get through this book. I LOVED the Maze Runner series and couldn’t wait to get started on this one, but after struggling through the first 100 pages, I gave up. It’s not that the book is badly written or that the story is bad. It’s just that I picked this up expecting it to shed some light on the events in the Maze Runner trilogy and the only elements it has in common to those books are the Flare and the Cranks. None of the characters from TMR are in it. After I realized this, I lost interest. That being said, I can’t wait to read "The Fever Code" which is the REAL Maze Runner prequel that just came out! This wouldn’t be a bad read if you went into it not expecting anything from it, but if you’re looking for an extension of the Maze Runner trilogy, don’t waste your time.

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