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The Hurt & The Healer

I can’t say enough about how much I love this group. I am a fairly new fan, but I love these guys and the message that they minister to through their music. The title song on this CD The Hurt and The Healer is one of my favorites. Other favorites include "You are I Am", "Take the Time", "Hold On" and "The First Time". This group is anointed and I love this CD and would recommend it to everyone. You will be blessed. Check it out!

The Hurt & The Healer is a celebration of that moment when these two worlds collide… the deep need for healing and the God who provides it. Produced by Brown Bannister and Dan Muckula,The Hurt & The Healer features signature MercyMe anthems, engaging pop songs and worshipful and intimate moments. The title track radio single is sure to find it’s place at the top of Christian radio to continue the band’s uninterrupted stiring of number 1 hits.

The Hurt & The Healer Review

I purchased one for myself and a for a very dear friend for her birthday. We both enjoy it so much. I cannot stress enough how you will be so blessed by the The Hurt and The Healer. It is a dual project that hits home in my spirit. Andrew Farley teaches a wonderful word about the unconditional love of God and how Our Father wants us to enjoy His presence not be weighed down by legalistic bondages the likes of which Jesus Himself became a bit irrate at the religious leaders of His day pracitcing such. They lay rules on others they themselfves could’nt keep. The lead singer in the band Mercy me had been struggling with this very thing. He could sing out of His desire to acually experience what he was singing about. But he did not know the simplicity of the gospel. It isn;t about what you and I have or have not done. It’s all about Him what He has already done for me I cannot do for myself. Then these two men crossed pathes and in my own heart it catapulted this message into my spirit. Simply put When the Hurt and the Healer collide something is going to happen within you that many are searching and hungering for today. You will recognize the relief of feeling a truth ,:,THERE IS NO DOING . . to be. ..” when you hear it. I reccomend The Naked Gospel by Andrew Farley as well. Please open mind and heart and hear the heart of these two men,as they share out of the Father’s Heart. You will not be the same. Hurt & The Healer, The by Farley, Andrew, Millard, Bart (2013) PaperbackHurt & The Healer, TheDH -Read Reviews-

Another great CD from Mercyme. This band is truly blessed. It has a mix of different types of music, and they didnt forget the screammin guitar. I Love It!

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