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The House of Hades (Heroes of Olympus, The, Book Four) (The Heroes of Olympus) Paperback – March 31, 2015 by Rick Riordan (Author)

I read this book as a college student and loved it. Being meant for young adults, the writing is pretty easy which makes it a quick read. However, the story is great! I’ve always enjoyed Greek mythology from my youth and was stoked when the the original Percy Jackson series came out. I personally enjoy this second series more because it includes both Roman and Greek mythology. One of my favorite parts about this series is that there is an Asian character as one of the main characters. He’s not the stereotypical, nerdy Asian. He’s a complete boss with awesome powers. He is so awesome that he is given a huge weakness to make things fair for the others. Most fictional books I have read very rarely incorporate races other than white as the main characters. Even if they are, they are often side, very minimal characters to the point where they can be killed off. (Except for Minho in the maze runner! Which is another interesting read btw). Here we have, Leo Valdez (Hispanic), Frank Zhang (Canadian/Chinese), and Hazel Levesque (African American). None of them die! They are all super important characters and each have a unique personality that many young adults can relate to. Overall, I think this is a great book which is a part of a great series! I look forward to more of Riordans work! Check it out!

From School Library Journal Gr 5–8—Fans won’t be disappointed as the cliff-hanger ending from the previous book, The Mark of Athena (Hyperion, 2012), leads to further exciting adventures by the intrepid demigods in this penultimate book in the “Heroes of Olympus” series. Annabeth and Percy have fallen down into Tantarus, and they must fight off the attacks from the monsters stuck there long enough to find the Doors of Death. The other five demigods must get to Eprius in Greece, find the House of Hades to open the Doors of Death on the mortal side, save Annabeth and Percy, and seal the entrance to stop Gaea’s forces from escaping into the mortal world and destroying it. The Gods are incapacitated by their Greek and Roman personalities warring with one another, and the demigods from Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter are on the verge of an all-out war. As Annabeth and Percy struggle to survive Tantarus’s poisonous atmosphere and creatures, the other demigods must undergo harsh trials-particularly Hazel, Frank, and Leo, but they learn and grow mentally and physically from their experiences. The heroes realize that they cannot change their parentage but they can control their legacy. While more serious than the previous titles, there are lighthearted moments here, many involving a farting polecat. The horrifying monsters are nicely balanced by peace-loving Titan Bob, a skeleton calico cat called Small Bob, and gentle giant Damasen. Fans will be thrilled to know the series continues with The Blood of Olympus in 2014.—Sharon Rawlins, New Jersey State Library, Trenton –This text refers to the Library Binding edition.

The House of Hades (Heroes of Olympus, The, Book Four) (The Heroes of Olympus) Paperback – March 31, 2015 by Rick Riordan (Author) Review

I think this is the best book in this Heroes of Olympus series so far. All emotions, all tension , (almost) all expectations and thrills and drama are included in this one. I almost forgot to breathe myself. The story took you to the peak position and keep you there, it’s really wonderful. Since My favourite character always be Percy, I’m so thrilled that he had a chance to take a tour in Tartarus. .(^_-)-Because after all, he had already met and negotiated and fight with nearly most of the gods and Titans on the land, I thought it must be a good experience for him to challenge the big boss of Tartarus to enhance his power, and utilize it when the time comes. All the chapters about his and Annabeth in Tartarus journey were so good. And I’m so glad I had a chance to meet Bob, Small Bob and Damasen. Especially Bob. He was so sweet, so gentle and a very wonderful character. His word ‘say hello to the stars for me’ was so powerful it still makes my eyes full of tears and squeeze my chest so tightly every time I thought about this book, even after more than a month since I finished it. You will love Bob and small Bob so dearly, I guarantee you. Anyway, cause I wrote this review after I finished all the books in this series, and because this 4th book is really great as I told you, I don’t know whether I should make some caution for you to not expecting much for the next (final) book or not. Of course, you’ve come this far you should finish it for good, but some times I wondered it might be better if I had stopped reading at this book and let my imagination end the series. Especially if you are Percy Jackson’s fan like me. -Read Reviews-

My son and I both are reading this series. We have enjoyed following Percy Jackson and his friends from the beginning. Rick Riordan does a fabulous job in his writing. I imagine it’s a little more difficult keeping a younger mind’s attention, but his style is funny and humorous and reads just the way my son sounds when he describes his crazy ideas. I mostly read it to make sure that my son’s book reports are accurate, but I do find myself wanting to know what’s going to happen next in Percy’s life. I think we will both be sad when Percy’s story ends.

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