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The Host Hardcover – May 6, 2008 by Stephenie Meyer (Author)

I read this book back in my mid-teens when I was a huge Twilight fan and discovered that this was the same author. Though this is more for young adults rather than teens, the story has changed my view of life and humanity in ways I did not expect. I highly reccomend this book and this hardcover edition. The fact that this story is completely possible in some distant future is what I like the most though. That, and the fact that it’s not your typical science fiction/futuristic story. It’s more about the discovery of the true essence of being human. About the prose and the story itself–compelling, marvelously written, gets you real emotional at times, makes you identify and sometimes scream out loud. .. it’s all that and more. Buy it! what you waiting for?! Don’t watch the movie, read this! Check it out! Review Amazon Best of the Month, May 2008: Stephenie Meyer, creator of the phenomenal teen-vamp Twilight series, takes paranormal romance into alien territory in her first adult novel. Those wary of sci-fi or teen angst will be pleasantly surprised by this mature and imaginative thriller, propelled by equal parts action and emotion. A species of altruistic parasites has peacefully assumed control of the minds and bodies of most humans, but feisty Melanie Stryder won’t surrender her mind to the alien soul called Wanderer. Overwhelmed by Melanie’s memories of fellow resistor Jared, Wanderer yields to her body’s longing and sets off into the desert to find him. Likely the first love triangle involving just two bodies, it’s unabashedly romantic, and the characters (human and alien) genuinely endearing. Readers intrigued by this familiar-yet-alien world will gleefully note that the story’s end leaves the door open for a sequel–or another series. –Mari Malcolm

The Host Hardcover – May 6, 2008 by Stephenie Meyer (Author) Review

While I didn’t particularly care for her other series (the one that features a certain sparkly vampire), Stephenie Meyer certainly surprised me with The Host. Considering I’m not a big fan of books about aliens, the fact that I actually liked this one is a big deal! The story was cleverly told, weaving multiple plot lines together seamlessly. But, best of all, Meyer presented me with new characters – particularly Wanderer, Ian and Jamie – to care about and be invested in. Wanderer, or Wanda, as she’s known in the novel, is my favorite of the characters. It’s not just because I like her name, or how it symbolizes the totality of who she is (and the kind of person I’d like to be when it comes to travel). It’s because I adored her spirit. In spite of being a soul, part of an alien race that takes over various planets through their insertion into the planet’s inhabitants, Wanda is kind, considerate, generous and intelligent. The sincerity of her choices was appealing, and easy to like, so it’s not surprising that I grew really attached to her. Ian and Jamie would tie for my second favorite character in this novel, as they’re both important parts of Wanda’s story. Jamie is the little brother of Melanie, Wanderer’s "host". Through Melanie’s memories and her own interactions with him, Wanda grows to love him and it’s really sweet to see how he responds so honestly and sincerely to her. He was always able to distinguish between the two – Melanie and Wanda – which was certainly great. Ian also ended up having the same ability, even though initially he was against Wanda’s presence in their little band of humans. Witnessing his transformation and watching his regard for Wanda really grow as the story progressed made it easy to like him as much as Wanderer did. Honestly, the book’s beginning was pretty rough. It took a few chapters before I felt invested enough to keep on turning the pages, but once it clicked, the feeling of needing to know what happened next stayed with me up until the end. Meyer did a great job with the story-telling, combining romance, friendship and a bigger conflict. Instead of filling this book with physical action scenes, Meyer chose a slightly quieter route where she convinced readers to care about these characters and then presented us with a moral conflict that fits the context of their story. Doing so could have potentially backfired, but it definitely ended up working well. If what I’ve said in my review isn’t enough to convince you to read the book, maybe the knowledge that I actually teared up while reading it will. I was that emotionally invested in Wanderer’s story, and Melanie’s too! Meyer caught me off guard with how good I found The Host. If you’re unsure whether or not to give this book a try, let me be the first to suggest you give it a chance because you might just be surprised like I was. -Read Reviews-

This is probably the 4th time I read this book, only this time I listened to the audio book and it was so well done. This is such a great story. Stephenie Meyer is such a talented writer and I wish so much she would continue and finish this series. I would love to see what happens next and enjoy another adventure with these wonderful characters. The love triangle in this story goes beyond anything I could have ever imagined. I admit that I was rather confused the first time I read this story and the first part was kind of annoying, until she runs away and joins the humans and then things get really exciting and crazy and I loved it. The second time through the first part made more sense and I loved it even more. I loved the characters especially the men Jared and Ian are both wonderful in their own way. They both make mistakes which makes them real. Melanie and Wanda and very different in turn and the way it ended was so amazing. I never saw that coming when I first read it and it was even more amazing as I read it again and again. Such a great story! I highly recommend it to anyone who loves SciFi, romance, action and adventure because this story has it all.

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