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The Honesty Room

How did I live for so many years as a Dar fan without having this as part of my collection? Some of my favorites are here and some I don’t think I’ve ever heard before, but I’m quickly falling in love with. Can’t wait to see Dar at the Clearwater Festival this year! Check it out!

Dar Williams’s success as young ’90s folkie isn’t hard to discern. She has a consistent lyrical intelligence, an evocative, if sometimes cloying soprano, and a steady, graceful finger-style guitar skill. But, what’s more, she has tapped into a yearning for immediacy and sincerity among her college-age (and mostly female) audience. Williams’s first record is her sparest, simplest and best. The subject matter ranges from geopolitical fears, family turmoil, and gender angst, and her finest song remains "When I Was a Boy," a story of what it means to become a man or a woman: it should strike any listener with a shock of recognition. –Roy Francis Kasten




The Honesty Room Review


If you like singer/songwriter material, you will almost certainly like Dar. Dar is a bright and witty writer, and her lilting soprano makes listening easy. If you like Joni Mitchell and similar storytellers, check out Dar Williams, -Read Reviews-

Will not disappoint Dar Williams fans

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