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The Heroes of Olympus, Book Five: The Blood of Olympus Audio CD – Audiobook, CD, Unabridged by Rick Riordan (Author)

I’m very sad to be saying goodbye to a good series and to some characters I met 6 years ago. I’m also very sad I’m giving it three stars. It was an ok book, not nearly as good as the others. I was definitely expecting more out of it. It had a very entertaining plot, but it felt so rushed like Riordan just wanted to get it over with. The characters that Riordan chose to give POVs were Nico, Reyna, Jason, Piper, and Leo. I loved learning more about Nico. In my opinion, he was one of the most interesting characters in book. Leo is still determined to find Ogygia again, but I was disappointed that it wasn’t spoken about more. Jason and Piper were ok characters, not really unlikeable or likeable. I don’t think they had enough time to develop. Reyna’s story was rather boring. We do learn about her past, but I think that could’ve easily been found out through one of the other characters POVs. She didn’t really deserve her own POV. SPOILER ALERT!!!Now lets get on to the things that made one of my favorite authors get three stars for this book. I was so sad and disappointed that Percy or Annabeth didn’t get their own POV. Percy was the one that basically started it all! In this book, he seemed to be put into the background along with Annabeth. I strongly believed that Percy should’ve had his own POV in probably the last long book he would ever appear in. In the book, we also heard a lot about Percy’s big flaw, but we never ended up seeing it in action. This is less important, but I still would’ve like to see more of Grover, Tyson, and of course how can you forget about Mrs. O’Leary. I would’ve even been happy with more Clarisse and Thalia. Last of all, I was a bit disappointed in the ending. The ending was rushed which made it seem like all the buildup about Gaea and the giants rising was wasted. They do rise, but then they’re defeated right away. In the beginning of the book, Rick Riordan warned me that there would be a cliffhanger, but I didn’t think that it would be one I pondered for days after. I really wished he’d tied up all loose ends because all of Leo’s friends basically think Leo is dead when he isn’t. I can’t help but wonder if they ever find out if Leo is still alive. It was still a good book, and worth reading. Those were just my problems with it. I would for sure recommend it to others. I am super happy that Rick Riordan is writing another series, and can’t wait until it comes out. Check it out!

Review PRAISE FOR THE BLOOD OF OLYMPUS”Readers looking forward to the battle scenes will find plenty here, but the young heroes also rely on their wits as they dupe, charm, and negotiate their way through a series of encounters with gods, goddesses, and mythological creatures. . .fans will revel in the adventures, wit, and memorable characters found in this thundering conclusion to The Heroes of Olympus series.”―Booklist OnlinePRAISE FOR THE BLOOD OF OLYMPUS”The satisfyingly cataclysmic showdowns yield to peaceful resolution at last; here’s hoping it holds this time.”―Kirkus Reviews –This text refers to the Paperback edition.

The Heroes of Olympus, Book Five: The Blood of Olympus Audio CD – Audiobook, CD, Unabridged by Rick Riordan (Author) Review

***Spoilers Ahead***Im puzzled by the overwhelming number of 5-Star reviews, although granted that Im old enough to be a parent or grandparent of the target readers for this series. I loved the Percy Jackson & the Olympians books, but kind of wish I would have stopped there. This HoO series was fairly entertaining and humorous, and the overall concept of the Greek/Roman conflict was clever but I thought this final installment was a disappointment. Potential plot developments that were heavily foreshadowed in prior books never really came to fruition, such as Hazels curse, Percys fatal flaw, Franks dwindling firewood lifeline, and the warning that Frank would need to step up and lead when Percy was unable to make a sacrifice. Other large portions of the plot just didnt make sense. The team is on a deadline to stop Gaia from rising and to save Camp Half-Blood, but they take a lengthy detour to find the Physicians Cure. Seriously?? I think the only way this would have made sense is if Percy had pushed for the detour (which would fit in with his Fatal Flaw of losing sight of the bigger picture to save a friend) and if the delay had come at a heavy price. Also, a huge chunk of the book was taken up with the delivery of the Athena Parthenos – but what did that really accomplish? The friendships already formed between members of the two camps not to mention having to combine forces to fight off a group of bloodthirsty monsters probably would have done the trick without having to shadow-travel a 40-foot statue all the way from Europe. And as menacing as Gaia was in the prior books, it seemed like she was dispatched a little too easily. Finally, part of what really keeps me reading with a series like this is the characters and their relationships. I felt like Percy and Annabeth were the heart and soul of the first series. I almost think the second series should have left them out completely and started with a new cast of characters 5-10 years down the road. Instead, I found it hard to get my footing in this series with Percy missing from LH and Annabeth only making brief cameos in LH and SoN. They finally both assume substantial roles in MoA and HoH – only to fade into the background in BoO. Now I could have understood if both had changed for the worse after their trip through Tartarus in HoH – becoming more depressed, more fearful, and more angry. But turning them into mere minor characters? This was the most unkindest cut of all. I also felt that the readers got cheated a bit by not seeing a final reunion with Tyson and Grover. Sure, we know what happens to them, but we dont really get to see them at the end of the story. Again, maybe it would have been better to start fresh with a brand new cast of characters than to throw beloved characters in as mere cameos. Sure, it was nice to get background on Reyna and Nico, but it really took the focus away from the Prophecys Group of Seven. Instead of making the series better, the scattered focus made all of the other characters less substantial. The overall character development in this series made me think of Bilbo Baggins quote after decades of keeping the One Ring: I feel all thin, sort of stretched, if you know what I mean: like butter that has been scraped over too much bread. If you enjoyed the Percy Jackson & The Olympians series and are looking for a fun vacation read, the HoO series is worth a look. But see if you can get copies from your local library before shelling out for a series that is ultimately much less satisfying than the first. -Read Reviews-

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