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The Heart and the Bottle Hardcover – March 4, 2010 by Oliver Jeffers (Author, Illustrator)

I originally purchased this book for my 3 year old son, however, after reading it, I knew that it was much more than a children’s book. As a hospice bereavement counselor, this book is a wonderful addition to my professional library as well. In working with bereaved or grieving children, this book offers a simply story about loss, painful emotions, and enduring love. The story is simple enough for a youngster, but also profound enough for a teen or adult. Whether the loss is through death, divorce, or physical separation, this book has you covered. Thank you again Mr Jeffers for doing it right. Check it out!

From Booklist A little girl delights in the boundless discoveries of the world around her with an older gentleman, likely her grandfather. But then the man’s chair is empty, and the girl puts her heart in a bottle to help with the hurt. As she grows older, she loses her sense of wonderment, and it isn’t until she meets another young girl that she finds a way to free her heart again. This book showcases some absolutely captivating artwork. The way in which Jeffers employs pictures in word balloons to convey the limberness of imagination is brilliant: the man points to the sky to talk about constellations, while the girl sees stars as inflamed bumblebees. But what begins promisingly runs into trouble, and it’s not clear who the message is directed toward: children just opening their eyes to the world, or parents who have lost their sense of curiosity? Even if children don’t glean much from the abstractions and subtleties of the narrative, they’re nevertheless in for a treat with the unforgettable visuals of imagination at play. Preschool-Grade 1. –Ian Chipman

The Heart and the Bottle Hardcover – March 4, 2010 by Oliver Jeffers (Author, Illustrator) Review

BEST for adults who are grieving. .. Such a beautiful book about not putting our feelings in a bottle for fear of being hurt again. I work with people in grief of all ages. Many of the younger children (under 6th grade) that I read it to did not understand the metaphor used throughout the book and most did not understand it that the chair is empty because the person who sat there died. But the adults. … they understand it and it helps them to normalize their grief experience and begin to figure out why they are not healing. We cannot protect our hearts from grief and grow through it. .. this book is wonderful but I would not call it a children’s book. Believe me, if you are an adult in grief right now. .. read this CHILDREN’S book! If you work with people who grieve, you will want this book to share with them. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this book so much! -Read Reviews-

I bought this book as an adult for an adult friend who recently lost a parent unexpectedly. It was so appropriate to that situation and her 1-year-old son loves it too. It can be used for teaching important truths about life–such as loss and recovery–but also can be a sweet story for those young ones who are not yet privy to the more painful losses in life yet. It’s really not a sad book, the way this review might make it seem, but is hopeful and encouraging and can be applied to multiple situations. The illustrations are adorable and the consensus from the three of us, old and young, is that we love this book.

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