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The Hate U Give Audible – Unabridged Angie Thomas (Author),

In January, uber popular author, John Green, tweeted that The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas would become a classic. I believe him. I can see this book in decades being required reading in schools. I can see multiple editionsspecial editions, anniversary editions, movie tie-in editions, and hell, maybe even a graphic novelbeing released. I can see this book being read by my generation and passed on to the next generation, and then the next. I can see this book lasting, not because its timeless (hopefully the struggles addressed in THUG will be no more, as Starr prophesied), but because its a flashpoint in American history that shouldnt be forgotten even if its rectified. Angie Thomas debut is the kind of transformative and accessible novel that can touch a variety of readers and have long-lasting effects. Why do I feel this way? What do I love about this book? Every f***ing thing. But let me try to be more specific. I love the writing, which is brilliant and absolutely genuine. I love the characters, who are phenomenal and so real. I love the characters dynamics as well, which I think is the shining point of the novel. Theyre vigorous and honest, Angie Thomas words giving them breath, blood, and life. If youve read the blurb, then you know the Black Lives Matter movement inspires this novel. But, The Hate U Give isnt about a movement. Its about black lives living, and about black lives loving, and about black lives pursuing happiness and deserving freedomjust like everyone. This novels protagonist is sixteen years old, and she lives without an ulterior motive or agenda. Starr is just a girl who experienced a horrific tragedy, and the novel follows her journey through her grief and self-actualizations. I love Starr. I love this book. It begins with the shooting of Khalil on chapter two. Its harrowing and devastating, but not shocking for anyone who has been paying attention. Experiencing the effects of that moment from Starrs perspective is gut wrenching, although, I can foresee some readers feeling numb. Starr goes trough all the stages in a visceral outpouring of grief. Her rage over her friends murder is the emotion that steals the show, never leading to traditional acceptance. Angie Thomas is so damn talented and smart, Im jealous. I had so many expectations going into this book, but mainly, I was nervous. I mean, with all the hype its impossible not to go into this book with some expectation and my greatest fear regarding THUG was that it would piss me off. I expected the subject matter would be intense and that there would be some moments when Id want to punch a wall. There were those moments when I was heatedintensely emotional, very angry and also immensely sad. But, what surprised me most about this book, and why I love it so much, and why I am going to recommend it to all the people, is that it is beyond multidimensional and multifaceted. Honestly, I experienced the gamut of emotions; I mean every single one. Lets get all the clichés out there: There were moments when I cried, obviously, and there were moments when I raged also obviously. Also there were so many times when I felt light and joyful, and not just hopeful, but plain happy. There are a lot of scenes, especially the ones with Starrs family that made me feel practically effervescent, which was made more memorable because they were just so alive in the midst of all the harshness of their reality. As I said, Angie Thomas is so f***ing talented that I cant stand it. She layered this book with every feeling. I know Im going on, ad nauseam, but this novel moved me. If youre planning on reading this then move it up your list! If youre hesitant about it, for whatever reason, then please take a chance on this book. I am urging you, no, begging you to give Starr a chance, because her story deserves to be told. Check it out!

The Hate U Give Audible – Unabridged Angie Thomas (Author), Review

Fiction can be transformative, and this is exactly what this fiction is. Angie Thomas invites readers to walk in another’s shoes. She humanizes an entire group of people who have been de-humanized for far too long. She gives back their Imago Dei . .. which hasn’t been lost to God, but sure has been disregarded by the world. She does it beautifully, stunningly, rivetingly. I WAS Starr Carter. Her family was MY family. I fell in love with all of them. Her anger became my anger. This is the power of fiction. Angie Thomas wields it expertly. -Read Reviews-

Hard topics are just that: hard. But heres the thing, I never want that to stop me from engaging and discussing important topics and issues. As Ive said so many times before, fiction is one way to open that door and this book Yall. Please read it. This is definitely one way to debut into the publishing world! I can see why this has been on the NYT Bestselling list for weeks. This book is formative, educational and too important not to read. Thomas does an excellent job of bringing a story we too often see on the news. The characters are real and the story fully draws you in. And even with such a heavy topic, Thomas did an excellent job of keeping the story focused on the people. You couldnt help but to become connected to each one and their relationships with each other. There were actually plenty of times I laughed at one liners from Starr or her parents and other family. She kept bringing it back to being human. I definitely recommend this book for all to read. I think it would especially be an excellent book club selection. Its great for discussion. Have yall heard of this book?(Heads up: Some language)

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