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The Happy Company Therapeutic Machine Washable Travel Pillow, Navy

Just what I was looking for. This pillow has a buckwheat-like filling (it sounds and feels like). The fragance packet- I was skeptical of. I hate synthetic fragrances, but I believe this is a natural scent with herbs. It’s really nice and it is removable. It’s just a satchel slipped into a little pocket. What’s good about the filling is that you can kind of move it around to get it where you need it to be comfortable. Great product, great price, free shipping. I definitely would recommend buying this product! Check it out!

The Happy Travel Pillow is the ultimate therapeutic travel pillow with a calming, relaxing removable scent packet. Enjoy Happy Travel Pillow while riding in a plane, train or automobile. It will make your travel experience more comfortable. Special scent packet contains lavendar and chamomile, which are known to have a comforting, calming effect to help relieve stress and allow you to relax and sleep.




The Happy Company Therapeutic Machine Washable Travel Pillow, Navy Review


Very nice pillow, comfortable for the kids on a long road trip. They were quite happy with them. Much better than the air-filled things, and the price was great. -Read Reviews-

I didn’t find this one to be very comforting during my travels to oversea. the pillow wraps around your neck and it made me get so hot and sweaty, I couldn’t get any sleep during the 14 hour flight (I’m sure there were other factors involved in my insomnia). If you’re looking for a travel pillow, perhaps a travel pillow made with more breathable, vented material would do a better job.

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