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The GunBox 2.0 The Smartest Quick Access Gun Safe

The Gunbox is well built and and provides secure storage for my handgun. It keeps inquisitive fingers away while providing quick access for me. The RFID option works every time and the fingerprint reader while initially finicky, now works every time. Just required some practice on my part. I am completely satisfied with the product itself. Why am I only giving a two star rating? I have sent three emails to the customer support email address and have not received a response. This is totally unacceptable! At over three hundred dollars a pop I expect my questions to be answered. Check it out!

The Gun Box 2.0 is the ultimate in quick accessible handgun storage, safely concealing your firearm in plain sight yet with rapid accessibility in case you need it. The 2.0s cutting-edge technology and innovative safety features provide the peace of mind and confidence to store your handgun on a nightstand, desk, counter top, or anywhere you might need fast access. The Gun Box 2.0 boasts six appealing colors that will match any taste and dcor. Made of 4 mm die cast aluminum and weighing just over 4.5 pounds, 2.0 is spacious enough to easily hold most duty-sized handguns. With the simple touch of a finger, the wave of a key card, FOB or a ring, or tap of a finger via the smart phone app, its pneumatic-assisted lid opens smoothly in seconds. As an added security feature, 2.0 is equipped with an audible motion and tamper alarm that emits a loud noise if your box is bumped or moved. 2.0 comes pre-tapped and ready to mount anywhere and in any orientation, or can easily be secured using a security tether cable. Our new smartphone app makes setting up fingerprint recognition and additional access keys a breeze, and also allows you to adjust fingerprint sensitivity, volume and tone of the audible alarm, timeout duration on the interior light, and other settings quick and easy. You can also give other people permission to open your box via the app. 2.0 also features two USB ports, great for charging your phone or other electronic devices. 2.0s cutting edge design and sleek lines not only make it a great addition to any space, but it is the perfect reason to bring your handgun out of the basement safe and into a secure and accessible new home.

The GunBox 2.0 The Smartest Quick Access Gun Safe Review

I’ve only had it up and running for a few days but so far it’s my favorite bedside safe. I’ve had many of the gunvault and sentry safes in my time but this is far and above all of them in quality and function. The smartphone app is also very good and makes setup and personalizing the settings a breeze. The app also allows for monitoring the rechargeable battery but the fact that it’s built in proprietary makes me not look forward to the day it needs replacing. According to the manufacturer the battery will last a year without recharging but time will tell. Fingerprint reader seems a step above the average requiring a firm press to activate and can be adjusted for sensitivity should you choose. RFID dongle and cards work flawlessly as well. I chose the matte black and it looks like a high end piece of tech on my bedside table. Even my wife likes how it looks and that’s a first! Fit and finish is perfect and feels solid as a rock. I’ll update the review as time goes on but so far I’m very happy with my purchase. Update 2/24/17: Been almost 7 months since I charged it and the battery is currently at 89%! So far everything is working as expected with no issues. -Read Reviews-

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Quick access 360-degree biometric fingerprint scanner (holds multiple fingerprints)

Quick access RFiD scanner (opens using a key card or a fob (included)

Audible motion and tamper alarm that emits a loud noise if box is bumped or moved

2 USB ports for charging devices or connecting accessories + boasts 18 month battery life

For home or vehicle use – FAA approved container to safely Transport firearm

Super-finicky fingerprint reader! Took lotion to get it to memorize my prints and now have to lick my finger before it will open. Should have listened to the other one star reviews and looked elsewhere.

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