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The Grinch (Widescreen Edition)

The original 2009 Blu-ray/DVD combo pack of this movie was one of the worst blu-ray transfers of a movie I have ever seen. The picture was extremely dark and difficult to watch. I ended up selling it to FYE and kepy my original DVD from 2001. This new 2015 "grinchmas" edition is a huge improvement. It has been re-mastered. the picture is much clearer and well worth re-buying. The only down sides to this re-issue is that there’s no DVD Disc (But there is a digital copy) and there’s no new features. So those extra scenes that have been seen on ABC Family, still have not made their way onto disc format. If you’re a fan of this movie, I’d suggest buying this "Grinchmas" Edition, even if you have The original 2009 release.  The picture quality imporvement is well worth the re-buy Check it out!




The Grinch (Widescreen Edition) Review


This film is a family favorite. We watch it once a year. Here’s when. ..My wife puts together a Christmas paper chain every December. There is one link of the chain for every day between 1 Dec and Christmas eve. We open the link for a day in the morning and sometime during that day we do a family activity. One of these that has become a family tradition is our annual "Grinch Party. " Everyone dresses in green, we eat green treats, drink green soda, and watch this movie. Jim Carrey overacts the part of the Grinch to perfection. He is completely manic and fun. While initially coming across as terrifying he is the proverbial monster with a heart of gold, well, maybe tin, but some kind of metal. He is completely hilarious, and the quotable quotes never stop!Though we watch the movie only once a year, it’s quoted year-round. The story line, the costumes, sets, caste, are all absolutely top-notch!In my opinion this is not just a movie to be watched, it’s an event. Make watching this movie an event at your place!And though I would not say that if you are going to watch only one movie during the Christmas season that this should be it, what I WILL say is that you should make this a fun part of your Christmas season. 5 stars through and through! Christmas is coming. … -Read Reviews-

BASED on the classic Dr. Seuss tale of "HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS", THE GRINCH not only proved the durability of the multi-talented JIM CARREY (comedies, dramas, now family films), but also proved that classic stories can be modernized and still be just as enjoyable. Not only is the unique element of the story still there, but the silver screened edition adds more plot on many subjects. Most importantly – the Grinch’s origin that explains his hatred and disgust for the Whos and their beloved holiday. Some will argue that this either perverts a classic or dulls it’s shine. Not at all, and after seeing the movie you’ll realize that it is in no way possible. The movie can’t tarnish that eternal shine, and really can only make the old classic even more popular than it already is. Here are some facts and comparisons:Some say: "If you can’t stick to the classic’s criteria, there shouldn’t be an updated version. "I say: "The classic is a 2 minute read and a 30 minute cartoon. There’s no such thing as adjusting a 30 minute cartoon’s subject matter into that of a required (atleast) 90 minute film. The updated version actually contains all that is in the cartoon and book, adding the rest was simply needed. Could you imagine stretching out 30 minutes of material into 90 minutes?! Anyways, THE GRINCH is BASED on the classic childrens book. B A S E D. "Some say: "I went to THE GRINCH in hopes of seeing something alot more. That movie is basically the Grinch stealing Christmas, where’s the rest? Surely the story needed something different!"I say: "Saying you knew the Grinch would steal Christmas and that you expected more is like saying you went to TITANIC in hopes of the true story having a manipulative-movie-happy-ending where the boat doesn’t sink. Too bad because besides the added origin/reasoning, great make-up (Oscar winning), excellent design and portrayal of the Whos and their town (Oscar nominated Art Direction). also get JIM CARREY who gives another Oscar-snubbed performance as the Grinch. Not only does CARREY go through with hours and hours of make-up each day to get the job done, he also makes the Grinch his own. He keeps the tone and attitude of the classic character solid while adding humor, plenty of facial expressions he could do without make-up, and most of all. .. ironically likeable. "Some say: "Where’s the rhyming and Seuss-like feel? The movie had dialouge and singing. ..but that dialouge should be in rhyme!"I say: "Pleeeeaaassseee!! That’s the one thing this movie definetely did not need and wisely kept out! Constant Seuss rhymes would only bore the adults of the FAMILY MOVIE AUDIENCE much like Disney movie songs and Barney sing-a-longs. A little rhyming is allright, a whole 90 minutes. .."Some say: "Many parts of THE GRINCH are not for children audiences! Kissing a dog’s rearend! Belching in someone’s face? That is so immature and vulgar for a PG rated movie!"I say: "Firstly, it’s a PG (Parental Guidence suggested, let’s all say it together. ..again. more time). Lastly, it doesn’t show a close-up (or at all) of the dog’s butt meeting the lips of it’s victim. It’s not as graphic as you make it sound. Belching. ..yeah, gross. Nobody does that until they see a movie to influence them to do so. Yeah, whatever."Some say: "There’s quite the run of dry spots that can drag on. "I say: "I must not have noticed, nor left the house with such a Grinch-like attitude. I went to the movie to have fun. The parts I thought were dry was the little girl singing "Where Are You Christmas", but atleast, thank god, they didn’t go overkill with it. JIM CARREY also gets in on the singing with his version of YOU’RE A MEAN ONE, MR. GRINCH. "I haven’t seen THE GRINCH since opening day (11/17/00) and would gladly deem it in the Top 5 Movies of 2000. AND, it certainly isn’t as bad as THEY make it seem. Either they are JIM CARREY bashers or not a fan of modernizing classics, but I can’t think of one real reason not to see it. Though I won’t and can’t ever forget this NOW-CLASSIC, I do highly recommend this one for everybody. At the moment I am wishing I had seen it more than once, ’cause now I’m suffering from withdrawls to know when it will be released to own on DVD! Remember, not all classics set the standards. Sometimes it can be the upstaged by it’s successor.

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