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The Green Mile (Collector's Edition) [VHS]

Abject cruelty and the rarest compassion coexist on death row in this Louisiana prison in 1935. Paul Edgecomb (Tom Hanks), head guard, exhibits the latter. The green mile refers to the final walk of inmates to their deaths along a green corridor. A marvelous huge man and recently arrived prisoner is John Coffey (Michael Clarke Duncan), convicted in the rapes and murders of 2 young girls. Coffey keeps urging guard Edgecomb, who is suffering excruciating pain from what is likely kidney stones, to go to him. Finally he succumbs, and is stunned as he watches the huge hand of Coffey reach through his bars and firmly grasp his genitals. Then comes a great gyration and explosions of light. Coffey doubles over, ostensibly extricating the pain from Paul and taking it into himself, until a wild collection of bits of matter explode from Coffey’s mouth, signaling the release of the vicarious pain. And then Coffey is spent and collapses in exhaustion. What results from this amazing gift, you will see. The bond that forms between these 2 and the mutually supportive dynamics are moving. The paradox of this supposedly cruelest of men as a symbol of the most exquisite empathy is breathtaking. This is a casting phenomenon — such exceptional acting everywhere! The directing and writing by Frank Darabont, adapted from Stephen King’s novel are so worthy. Cinematography, editing, artistic and special effects,all filmmaking disciplines are extraordinary and in perfect sync. It’s a film for the ages, a must see! Check it out!

Product description The green mile Additional Features The Collector’s Edition features a 10-minute version of the documentary “Walking the Mile.” Featuring quick interviews with cast and crew, the behind-the-scenes glimpse is enjoyable but too brief.




The Green Mile (Collector’s Edition) [VHS] Review


A beautiful story about hope and love and forgiveness. This is a very heartwarming story that sucks you in the entire time. An innocent man who has the mind of a child is on death row for a murder he did not commit. But throughout the time he awaits execution he has nothing but simple love for all he is in contact with. He has a special gift of healing that hurts himself whenever he uses it. But he selflessly heals others–the same people who are to put him to death (Not their desire. .just their "job"). I would encourage anyone to watch this story. This is Stephen King at one of his finest. -Read Reviews-

Working on death row, the green mile (because the floor is green), is manned by Tom Hanks and several other man as guards. The place is supposed to be mellow to keep the inmates calm. John Coffey, a very large black man is a new inmate with special powers (which you’ll find out) and Dell has a trained mouse named Mr. Jingles who is present throughout the movie. It’s a great movie and I hear that it was written. Y Stephen King.

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