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The Greatest: The Number Ones

First and foremost: This is a compilation of Cash #1 songs – not a greatest hits, not a “Best of. ..” but a collection of number ones. The songs he sung that reached number one. It is also not a bunch of extended versions for albums – i. e it is what is. (Remember most country songs of the 60’s/70’s and probably still do had/have to be under 3-3. 5 minutes to get played and preferably under 3 minutes and closer to 2. 5 minutes. )Perhaps, John’s signature song I Walk The Line starts us off and then a lesser known There You Go. The very early hit: Ballad of A Teenage Queen, followed by the philosophical Guess Things Happen That Way to the more intimate telling of: The Ways O A Woman In Love. We also get the more well known Cash classics: Ring of Fire, Folsom Prison Blues and the gospel flavored: Daddy Sang Bass (That also features The Statler Brothers singing backing vocals). Perhaps A Boy Named Sue got him the national non country following in the early 70’s (me thinks. ) His gritty soul baring country classic: Sunday Morning Coming Down written by superb singer-songwriter-movie actor Kris Kristofferson who also wrote both the Sammi Smith classic: Help Me make It Through The Night as well as the country standard classic by Ray Price: For The Good Times. We have the gutty and wrenching Flesh and Blood. Then a late 60’s or early 70’s song: One Piece At A Time – the telling of an auto worker stealing an auto piece at at time. There Ain’t No Good Chain Gang is a very strong classic duet with Waylon Jennings. Before we end his Ghost Riders In The Sky classic and then The Highwayman: A legendary song because Johnny joins along with: Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and the a fore mentioned Kris Kristofferson. Folks there are things a greatest hits album might have like his classic duets with June Carter: Jackson and If I Were A Carpenter, or his version of: A Thing Called Love and Oney (a humorous tale of getting it on with his boss and perhaps one of the earliest warnings of more modern-work place violence. ) There are so many others that could fill a “Best of Johnny Cash” album. This is a collection of Number One Songs – it is a great representation of (more than likely) the greatest country artist to live – that’s saying a lot and yeah, it’s arguable. If you want some great Cash buy this for your collection. If it doesn’t have your favorite(s)then buy the CD’s that have your favorites as well. But do add this to your collection – it’s a gold mine filled with Cash. Check it out!

Celebrating one of the most legendary and diverse careers of all time, Johnny Cash The Greatest series highlights and honors the various musical sides of Johnny Cash. This 19-song overview of all of Johnny Cash’s #1 hits is the most stellar collection of his most beloved work. From absolute classic "I Walk The Line," to "A Boy Named Sue," which made Cash a superstar, to the legendary live performance of "Folsom Prison Blues," the best work of Johnny Cash is represented here. Few artists ever achieved the legendary status of Johnny Cash and these 19 tracks represent Johnny Cash at his peak. The Number Ones displays the absolute chart-topping prowess of a superstar as big as any artist in history.

The Greatest: The Number Ones Review

Nothing to complain about. There was no scratches on the disc, the case was not cracked, and it was brand new. For just over $4 i have nothing to complain about and you have nothing to worry about. Buy it now!!!! Johnny Cash is the best! -Read Reviews-

I really enjoyed this record. Understandably his voice was more powerful when he was younger. And when he was dating and marrying June Carter, his voice was also cheerful and happy. Nobody can sing like him. Great entertainment.

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