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The Essential Johnny Cash

Though I’m not a country music fan, I love Johnny Cash and sometimes, there is nothing better to put on than this album. While you can stream it with Prime and even play it on your Echo, I bought the CD to load it into the car’s music system. It’s a 2 CD set, with some of my utter favorites, Ring of Fire, Highwayman, and so many more. “The Essential Johnny Cash” has more of the 1950s and 1960s music, which is what I grew up with, so for me, it’s the sweet spot of what I enjoy about Cash’s music. If you like Johnny Cash, it’s not the only album you’ll want to own (Hello Folsom Prison) but it’s one you probably will enjoy much of the time. If you have Prime and just listen at home, you can stream it as part of your subscription. I love that. Check it out!

Product Description The only 2-CD collection to date to span his entire career, 36 tracks from Hey Porter to his collaboration with U2, The Wanderer . And in between? I Walk the Line; Get Rhythm; Ballad of a Teenage Queen; Big River; Ring of Fire; Guess Things Happen That Way; I Still Miss Someone; Don’t Take Your Guns to Town; Daddy Sang Bass; A Boy Named Sue; It Ain’t Me, Babe and Jackson with June Carter Cash, and more. It’s a great and perhaps impossible challenge to encapsulate the highlights of Johnny Cash’s vast musical catalog in a two-CD, 36-song collection like this. Yet, though it barely scratches the surface, 2002’s The Essential Johnny Cash–part of a series of compilations and reissues celebrating Cash’s 70th birthday–does present three-dozen satisfying and balanced snapshots of some of the Man in Black’s most memorable work for the Sun, Columbia, and Mercury labels. Above all else, these 36 selections are wonderful reminders of Cash’s rustic eclecticism. Cuts range from ’50s Sun rockabilly classics like “Hey Porter” and “I Walk the Line” to ’60s country-folk gems like “The Ballad of Ira Hayes” and Cash’s memorable duet with Bob Dylan on Dylan’s “Girl from the North Country.” Also included are more recent samplings of Cash’s celebrated collaborations, including “Highwayman,” which he recorded in 1984 with Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, and Kris Kristofferson as part of the on-again, off-again supergroup the Highwaymen, and “The Wanderer,” a fervent gospel collaboration with U2 that appeared on the band’s 1993 album, Zooropa. –Bob Allen

The Essential Johnny Cash Review

It’s Johnny Cash. What more can you say. This has a lot of songs that you need to hear. Again, there is a bleep on Boy Named Sue, just like on the radio back then, but buy the re-release San Quentin, and you’ll hear it all. Same as on Folsom Prision re-release. You hear it all. The Mono cuts sound great and the stereophonic cuts sound great as well. Also get the Ring of Fire the Best of Johnny Cash from about 1963. Sounds great. As good as an LP I think. I have the 4 disc Legend Box set too. Lot of the same songs but I get all the Johnny I can get. Slowly getting all the old albums on CD now. Had them on LP but most of that was stolen years ago. Do you need both Legend and Essential? Why Not? It’s Johnny Cash! -Read Reviews-

Amazing deal for a used CD. All the best of Johnny Cash and the CD really looks almost new. If you want a lot of CD’s, this is the way to go. I recently purchased some Bose speakers for my computer. WOW, this CD sounds fantastic.

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