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The Early Tapes Of The Beatles with Tony Sheridan and the Beat Brothers

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The Early Tapes Of The Beatles with Tony Sheridan and the Beat Brothers Review


The Beatles made a set of recordings with a man by the name of Tony Sheridan. The group served as Sheridan’s backing band, accompanying him on numbers like ‘My Bonnie,’ ‘Ain’t She Sweet,’ and my personal favorite (from the time period, of course) ‘Cry for a Shadow. ‘ So think of it this way: It’s a Tony Sheridan album featuring The Beatles — pre-Ringo, of course. The recordings are decent, I mean, they are certainly interesting and if you collect The Beatles, these recordings are absolutely essential and necessary to your collection. But, if you are a neophyte or a new fan to The Beatles, don’t even come close to or touch these recordings. Take note that The Beatles also get credit here as “The Beat Brothers. “Now, that’s my summary. Here are my complaints. Yes, these are good recordings. Except for the fact they continue to be released COUNTLESS TIMES!!! Charly Records, Universal, almost any label that can get their hands on these recordings will release them and credit them as a Beatles release. And most of the highlights here appear on ‘Anthology 1,’ one of the official Beatles rarities records, so why not just go there to get your “Sheridan fix,” if you have one?Enough with the reissues of these recordings. It’s getting to the point of a cash cow. It’s getting rather irritating. Overall, buy ‘In The Beginning’ if you have to have every single thing The Beatles put out, or if you are a die-hard Beatles fan interested in hearing what they sounded like before they signed to Parlophone/Capitol and became worldwide music heroes. Otherwise, this isn’t necessary. And besides, if you are a casual fan who owns ‘Anthology 1’ you’ve already got several Sheridan/Beatles recordings already, so that should be enough. Recommended for The Beatles collector or curious fan, but otherwise, this isn’t really necessary. -Read Reviews-

What Greg Brady wrote is false. .. please read up before writing a review, sir. The Beatles do *not* play here only on those 3 tracks. The songs performed by them are 8: “Ain’t She Sweet”, “Cry for a Shadow”, “My Bonnie”, “Take Out Some Insurance on Me Baby”, “Sweet Georgia Brown” (in which actually a later Sheridan’s vocal track mentions them: <<. .. in Liverpool she even dared to criticise the Beatles’ hair. ..>>), “The Saints”, “Why” and “Nobody’s Child”. This disc contains *all* the songs performed with Tony Sheridan (although “My Bonnie” has no intro, nor German neither English and “Sweet Georgia Brown” does not have the original lyrics). You *cannot* find all of them on the Anthology Series. So this is a very intersting historical document, albeit not complete. If you want to get all the versions of the songs performed with Sheridan, you’d rather search out the “BEATLES BOP” 2-CD set (by Bear Family), which contains them all (and actually contains also “Swanee River” that has been proved not to be them).

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