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The Dream Thieves: Raven Cycle Series, Book 2 Audible Audiobook – Unabridged Maggie Stiefvater (Author),

For more reviews check out the blog at [. ..]So, The Dream Thieves centers largely on Ronan; his backstory and the newly disclosed secret that he can manifest physical items from his dreams. The continuing quest to locate the mythical Welsh King Glendower is still on the forefront of Ganseys agenda, which becomes complicated by the fact that Cabeswater has disappeared. The ley lines have been acting erratically ever since the ritual in Cabeswater weeks ago, and Adam has been increasingly distant, clearly suffering from some sort of inner turmoil which inevitably affects his once budding relationship with Blue. Ronan and the crew piece together clues about Ronans ability to take things from his dreams, while at the same time a mysterious man shows up in Henrietta, tasked with locating and delivering the Greywaren to a powerful paying customer. Secrets, truths, and heartbreaks are at the center of this book with a startling cliffhanger of an ending. While I didn’t love this one as much as the first, I feel like this series has lots of moving parts to ultimately deliver the reader one heck of a story at the end, and book 2 was setting the stage and laying the groundwork for the larger story. I did like that this story focused much more on Ronan, providing us with yet more insight into this hot headed, sharp tongued member of the group. He grew on me immensely as a character. Watching the once budding relationship between Blue and Adam deconstruct was truly heartbreaking. Hell, the internal conflict within Adam himself was heartbreaking. I just felt for the kid yanno? But at the same time I wanted to shake him sometimes. The author creates such a mythical, otherworldly tone with these books that compliments the story of Gwendower well. Even though the setting is modern day in rural Virginia, as a reader you just get a sense of otherness, of something regal and big, something important. I feel like every. single. person in this series is a specific piece in the immense puzzle that is this plot line. Everything from Blues uncertain parentage, the fact that she is an amplifier, her psychic family, Ganseys death and resurrection as a child, Adams ability to control the ley line, and Ronans abilities as a Greywaren. Everyone has a role to play, a role they seem almost destined to play within this story. And I’ve gotta say, I’m having a pretty great time watching it all unfold. Check it out!

The Dream Thieves: Raven Cycle Series, Book 2 Audible Audiobook – Unabridged Maggie Stiefvater (Author), Review

The Dream Thieves is a great sequel to The Raven Boys, but a weaker book. In a way the plot and the story telling reflected the fragmented and fractured relationships of the gang. Raven Boys flowed even though we were getting snippets of different characters at different times. The Dream Thieves felt like a collapse of reality, much like Ronans state of mind which makes me think it was intentional. The characters were separated and their narratives didnt intersect, in fact it felt like all of their relationships were falling apart. The conflict within the group made it hard to connect to the characters the same way the reader could connect with them in the first. Strangely enough I find it the hardest to connect to the single female lead in the story. I’m not getting much from Blue. She feels vague and (at least to me) very unrelatable. I do like her as a character. I also wanted to hug Gansey a lot and tell him I liked him when everyone seemed not too. Protect Richard Gansey III at all costs. Stiefvaters decision to include three different antagonists has an interesting effect on the story, especially when one of them does not actually enter the story, the other is redeemed, and we are forced to witness a glorious and incredibly visual defeat of the one that I wanted more from. Was Kavinski a complete SOB? Was he in love with Ronan or did he just want to drag him down to his level?I really liked the Grey Man and his character evolution. Theres been a recent trend in fiction and TV to redeem bad guys and redeem them in order to make them into a romantic interest. Grey Mans arc actually works. He is a bad man who has done terrible things, but his redemption arc works somehow. He was still somehow human, he didnt try to excuse himself for things hes done. And the other characters never do that to him either. Perhaps thats why I actually liked him. Text -Read Reviews-

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