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The Definitive Collection [2 CD]

After you buy this album do not buy another Abba greatest hits album. I have been listening to Abba since 1973. Several Abba greatest hits vinyl and cds are on the market. Buy only this one. This worthy of purchase. Whether its to good marketing or greed, all of their early greatest hits albums, to include the early ones are just reproductions with a different cover design. It is the same on the Abba Store on AmazonIf you look closely, on some discs, only one or two songs are different or in a different listingBuy this album then,is you have mp3 download capability,buy the one or two songs you like from other greatest hits. I don’t have that ability yet. ……….These songs are timeless——— That is why they got a five. I am 59 years old, my mom will be 81 next month and I just ordered Ring Ring disc from 1973 for her——–Had not listen to them for 20 or so years, seriously. The other night I heard "Take a chance on me" and I got the bug again. ……….Updated 05. 03. 15——-Let me give a plug for The CD THE WOMEN OF ABBA—–TAKE A CHANCE ON THAT—–POST-ABBA Check it out!

Product Description This collection digs deeper than previous hits collections to take you across 37 key cuts by these Euro-Pop kings/queens. That’s the 2-CD version; the DVD has every video they shot plus a previously unseen Dancing Queen performance at the Royal Swedish Opera. Hits on both releases: Dancing Queen; Take a Chance on Me; Waterloo; The Winner Takes It All; The Name of the Game; Fernando; SOS; I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do; Knowing Me, Knowing You; Does Your Mother Know; When All Is Said and Done; Mamma Mia; Chiquitita , and more! Is there anything that simply screams the 1970s’ most indelible pop cultural clichés–the sunny romanticism, perfect vocal hooks, feathered hair, stacked heels, and flared sateen britches–more than the Swedish pop phenomenon Abba? And while many a pundit snootily dismissed them during their prime as some sort of prefabricated aberration, their worldwide popularity peaked somewhere just south of Beatlesmania. Indeed, Abba’s music was as finely tooled and crafted as anything to come from a Volvo or IKEA factory–if occasionally more economically potent. This double-disc, 37-track anthology comes neatly on the heels of Mama Mia!, the smash, if unlikely, Broadway show based on the band’s hits, and documents every single released by the band’s Polar label in their home country as well as key tracks released internationally. This is the canon from whence the term “Europop” sprang. With a continental sense of vocal neoclassicism, informed by just the right ethnic clichés (and oft wed to the era’s insistent 4/4 disco beat) to make songs like “Mama Mia,” “Fernando,” “Chiquitita,” and “Voulez-Vous” work on a global scale, the writing team of Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson and their respective partners in music and life, Agnetha Faltskog and Frida Lyngstad, developed the seamless, wall-of-sound productions contained herein. The Definitive Collection features a rare single remix of “Ring, Ring” and a 1979 promo-only extended mix of “Voulez-Vous” as bonus tracks, as well as a concise, illustrated history of the band and each track. –Jerry McCulley

The Definitive Collection [2 CD] Review

Why wouldn’t I love ABBA? I got this as it was a digital upgrade from the their Gold Collection and the sound is better listening on my iPod. Cheesy, pop goodness at it’s best. Even when the songs were so-so they were still some of the catchiest pop songs around. Sadly they won’t ever be getting back together but that’s probably for the best. They hit their stride in the late 70’s to early 80’s and disbanded at close to their height. The hit big, hit it right and left on top. Anybody who doesn’t love ABBA doesn’t love fun. Most hardcore fans probably have a complete collection but for those new to the party (who are you?!) or looking for a better sound than previous editions should get this one. -Read Reviews-

It’s hard to add anything new to what has already been written in other reviews, but I am approaching this CD as a new ABBA fan. I was in my thirties when ABBA was in their heyday during the 1970’s, but wasn’t much into music during this decade. However, with the release of “Mamma Mia” I had the chance to see the play twice in New York City and I became hooked on the music of ABBA. I play this CD repeatedly and just love the songs. If you are not familiar with ABBA give their songs a chance and I’m sure you will become addicted to their music just as I am. Their DVD’s “ABBA-The Definitive Collection” and “Super Trouper” are equally rousing and sure to provide you with several hours of musical pleasure. Print out the lyrics from a web site and have a sing along with these very singable lyrics.

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