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The Cormorant Mass Market Paperback – December 31, 2013 by Chuck Wendig (Author)

I believe it is impossible for Chuck Wendig to write a bad book. His prose, characters, and story will drive anyone crazy after reading the first page. Not to mention the fact he still finds the time to provide his readers with the most insightful advice on writing and the industry as a whole on his blog at , so go check it out. You have no idea what youre missing. Miriam Black is back and better than ever in the third installment of the series titled The Cormorant. In this book Miriam Black, a street-wise psychic, travels to Florida for a job to tell a wealthy businessman how he is going to die for the price of five thousand dollars. With no money to her name, she accepts the offer and drives off to Florida Keys, where the man resides. As she touches the man and see his death she is shocked to not only discover his brutal murder at the hands of a mysterious man, but also to see that the man has left a message for her written in blood. Its a game of cat and mouse as Miriam desperately searches for the killer before he finds her first. All the while she is being interviewed by a pair of FBI agents who accuse her of being a serial killer, which isnt too far from the truth. Wendigs imagery is as greatly detailed as ever with more blood and gore to add to the mix. Not to mention that Miriam is flat out funny to read about, even with all the grim features of it. Not only is this book, hilarious, grim, and brutal, but it also has a softer side to it. In this book Miriam is pushed to her limit as she battles a person who somehow knows how to use her ability against her; a method she never thought possible. This person who is after her is always one step ahead, but the thing I loved about this is that Miriam never gave up. Shes a stubborn, snide, woman that I love and was happily surprised as I watched her grow as a character as she confronts her mother; the woman who ridiculed her as a child and made Miriam the woman she is today. This confrontation was significant to Miriams growth as she comes to grip with what she is and what she wants out of her grim existence. This aspect made the book shine in my eyes, so much so I am practically blinded by it! I have no gripes to speak of in this book. It was phenomenal in each and every way. Its an engaging story about a damaged girl who strives to do good by those she has come to know. Whats not to love?Final Verdict: This is without a doubt, my FAVORITE Miriam Black book! The action, the twists, and more importantly Miriams growth in this book made it great. You are a cruel man Mr. Wendig, but a damn good storyteller! Please do yourself a favor and buy this book immediately. 5 stars out of 5 Check it out!

Review “Visceral and often brutal – vibrates with emotional rawness that helps to paint a bleak, unrelenting picture of life on the edge.” -Publishers Weekly “fast, ferocious, sharp as a switchblade and fucking fantastic” -Lauren Beukes, author of Zoo City and The Shining Girls “Wendig’s surefooted prose means that this ride is well worth sticking your thumb out for.” – SFX Magazine “If you’re looking for a sassy, hard-boiled thriller with a paranormal slant, Wendig has established himself as the go-to man.” – The Guardian

The Cormorant Mass Market Paperback – December 31, 2013 by Chuck Wendig (Author) Review

Let me preface by saying, I don’t know Chuck Wendig. I’m not his relative or a friend of his relative. I hope that gives my review some credibility. I love Miriam. I loved her in the novel "Blackbirds" (such a good, raw novel). I loved her in "Mockingbird" (though I didn’t think that was a strong as Blackbirds, and I lost the thread a couple of times). But "The Cormorant" is dark, tough, and a gritty follow up, and while I can’t actually say I enjoyed it (it is dark, and sometimes uncomfortable to read), it is a great book. "Great book. " That’s my boring descriptor – that’s why *I* am not a novelist! At any rate, I appreciate complex writing even if I can’t mimic it. Miriam isn’t a pretty character, but she is a worthwhile one. Try this series. -Read Reviews-

First, I’d like to note that this series has one of the most striking and clever covers, beautiful works of art. Subsequent books in an ongoing series will often be at some kind of disadvantage. As the reader’s familiarity with the characters and the main plot line grows, it will be accompanied by certain expectations and an understanding of the basic framework of the strengths and limitations of the characters and the story. Up until 90% of this book, I was prepared to give this four stars. Not because it was not enjoyable because it was. However, I didn’t believe it could surprise me anymore. The character of Miriam Black will always hold a certain level of fascination but, for the majority of this book, there was nothing illogical or unexpected about her actions and her motives. It is a more formidable Miriam Black, to be sure, but the leveling up was not within the realm of expectation. But, lo and behold, the last ten percent kicks in and it surprised me. As it stands, it rates higher than a four now, perhaps a 4.5. I didn’t expect her final act though I knew she certainly spent enough time thinking about it. Also, the hint about what is to come in the next Miriam Black book was not one I predicted. Thus, Chuck Wendig and Miriam Black keep their hooks in me and I’m looking forward to THUNDERBIRD, the next installment in this series. It bears noting that there is comfort in the growing familiarity with a series. One thing you can count on when reading a Miriam Black tale is that is will be chock-full of attitude. THE CORMORANT definitely bears this out. Chuck Wendig writes with definite fine, sharp edge. The whole book is infused with Miriam’s character and rightfully so. It is snarky, defiant and almost combative in tone. It is most definitely not the stuff of a Lifetime movie special. And I’d like it to remain that way. Please.

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