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The Copper Gauntlet: Magisterium Book 2 (The Magisterium) Audio CD – Audiobook, CD, Unabridged by Holly Black (Author)

I didn’t feel I could properly review the second book in the series without reading the first. That’s how I know that "The Copper Gauntlet" is a great follow-up to "The Iron Trial. " It doesn’t disappoint. This is really a book where things go sideways but the story becomes epic!At first, you may read the series and wonder if you’re readying Harry Potter fan fiction because the story centers around a tween boy at a magic school. But if you take a deeper look, you’ll find a great story about Callum Hunt, a "special" boy at magical boarding school who just happens to have a female best friend, Tamara, and male best friend, Aaron, who are also part of the story. There’s just more than a bit of role reversal in who represents the bad guys and who represents the good guys. I would say that the story’s a bit darker than Harry Potter. In fact, it’s almost hard to accept who Callum Hunt really is supposed to be as you read the story. Almost as hard as the character himself finds it to accept. That’s what sucks you in. It’s really unexpected and nothing like Harry Potter at all once you get past the boarding school parts. I actually kept expecting there to be a joke about HP but there wasn’t. Callum Hunt’s wit drives the story a bit and it’s all a bit dark with some twisted humor. All in all, I think this series is not just darker but for older teens than Harry Potter was initially meant for. I would offer it to older tweens and early high school students. The first book in the series set things up well character-wise and story-wise and "The Copper Gauntlet" is named after the mission all the 2nd year students must survive but you’re really into this second book because you want to know how Callum fares and who he will or WON’T become. And what happens IS surprising and will keep you reading into the third book. In in way, this is like Harry Potter if Harry Potter hadn’t been the hero but the villain. Check it out!

From School Library Journal Gr 4–7—In their follow-up to The Iron Trial (Scholastic, 2014), Black and Clare again return to the magical, alchemical world of the Magisterium, a school that neatly plays with the tropes of the magic school genre. At the conclusion of the last book, readers learned that the ostensible hero, Callum, was in fact the Enemy of Death—the villain who terrifies everyone in his magical world. When he discovers a plot seemingly orchestrated by his own father against the Magisterium, Call and his friends run away from school to try and save the magical world they love. Much of the action in this second installment takes place outside the claustrophobic caverns of the Magisterium, expanding the world Call and friends Tamara and Adam inhabit with mixed results. Credulity is stretched whenever any member of the group enters our mundane world—would giant wolves with glowing eyes and four 13-year-olds hot-wiring a car really go unnoticed by average people?—but other big set pieces, especially an epic battle against an ancient monster, thrill. There’s plenty of action, adventure, and pathos here to even out the rough patches. VERDICT Fans of the previous volume will relish the continuing adventures of Call and his friends.—Elisabeth Gattullo Marrocolla, Darien Library, CT –This text refers to the Paperback edition.

The Copper Gauntlet: Magisterium Book 2 (The Magisterium) Audio CD – Audiobook, CD, Unabridged by Holly Black (Author) Review

Had the first book not been available from the Library, I doubt I would have read it, however it was and I did. Very enjoyable. However second book was a minimum of 5 weeks wait and I was impatient–so I ponied up the $10 to buy it– only to find it was about 40% shorter than first book. This is a wonderful book and Call, the main character, is brave thru his fears, loyal to his friends, and even begins developing a love interest. There is even a Nature versus Nurture dilemma shaping up with Call. Love the way Tamara is also shaping up to be more than just the rich spoiled brat, Aaron’s past saves them in a surprising way. And Jasper May be starting to be a bit more tolerable. But since the third of the series won’t be released until August 30, 2016, I think I will take the time to arrange with the Library to borrow it as it, too, will be $10+ . Thanks, Scholastic Book Services, for setting prices so high–I’ll remember that fact the next time you send a folder home from school–we will go through it and then try putting books on hold at Library. You’re ripping off young people and their families. -Read Reviews-

Call has had a miserable summer. his dad hates Havoc and there is so much uncomfortable silence between them. and when some frightening things happen, Call flees. meeting up with the rest of his school mates he cannot wait for the school year to begin. not so fast. he finds that self-knowledge and the shocking news of what his father is really up to will propel he and his friends on a terrifying mission with what could be deadly consequences. with their magic growing, their personas are growing too. the cast is expanding and the avenues of deception are growing. i think this was an excellent follow-up to the first book.

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