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The Cleansing: DCI Tom Caton Manchester Murder Mysteries, Book 1 Audible – Unabridged Bill Rogers (Author),

I’m only reserving stars because the crime aspect was surprisingly without suspense or tension. True, the serial crimes were heinous but non-violent. (If that sounds impossible, trust me not to spoil the plot. ) I actually felt sorry for the killer as all eventually unfolded. The clues were there, no red-herring ploy – but there was no “aha moment. ” And so as a mystery, I didn’t get the page-turning aspect I wanted. On the other hand, the book was well written, the characters fleshed out enough to be interesting, and some social issues were well handled. Unlike other reviewers, I did not mind the Manchester tour:) I also had no quibble with the Kindle edition mentioned by others, so, perhaps, it has now been cleaned up. DCI Caton is the main, continuing, character in this first book, and he is mildly interesting if a little ordinary – divorced, early middle-aged, devoted to “the job. ” The love interest is a profiler; that combo has been done to death – no pun intended – but they do seem a good pair. The best news is that the entire 8-book series is available on Kindle, so if you get hooked, you can shop and shop. I plan to continue with the series and see where this all leads. In fairness to Bill Rogers, most procedurals do focus on the police team with the crimes being somewhat secondary, but I do hope he ramps up the suspense in the next books. Check it out!

The Cleansing: DCI Tom Caton Manchester Murder Mysteries, Book 1 Audible – Unabridged Bill Rogers (Author), Review

My first exposure to Bill Rogers Tom Caton series was a sample of A Trace of Blood. I was surprised to find the first part placed in Manchester, New Hampshire rather than Manchester, England, and doubly surprised to find the New England Yankees in the story speaking broad Britlish, saying that the paperwork would be sorted and describing a traffic incident as hit-and-skip. The American phrases would be taken care of and hit-and-run. But, of course, most of the series is placed in England, and you dont have to know what a sausage barm is to follow the language. It is best to read them in order, as another reviewer said, as there is a gentle and pleasant love story that emerges gradually from one novel to the next. Individually, most of the novels are badly edited, with commas and quotation marks occurring pretty much at random, but they are not as bad as many Amazon e-books, and two are quite clean. The proofreader gets a much deserved acknowledgement in those books. The plots are a bit formulaic, but it is a pretty good formula. The reader has to sit through some fairly dull police team meetings (in which background information is revealed) but the stories are gripping at the minor and major climaxes. The characters are well drawn and round enough that one can care about them, especially after one has read two or three of the series. Some of the villains and the action are a bit over the top, but thats in the nature of the genre. All in all (to quote a Cockney friend of mine) good value fmoney. -Read Reviews-

Dull, dull, dull. ..Everything is just so uninteresting and predictable about this. The protagonist is bland and forgettable, as is the ‘villain’. What started with some promise quickly fizzled into a boring routine. I struggled to get through this muck, hoping that there will be something remotely exciting waiting at the end, but no such luck. I started skipping entire pages simply because I just don’t care about the endless unnecessary descriptions of Manchester street names. And don’t get me started on grammar, and particularly punctuation. Abysmal. Colons, in quotes, semi-colons all over the place. At times it was impossible to discern whether a dialogue was taking place, or it was just a paragraph. If the author can’t afford a real editor, at least give it to someone to read this over, prior to publication. I am truly amazed at 5 star reviews.

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