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The Chronicles of Narnia Complete Set (Radio Theatre) by C. S. Lewis (2003-04-16) Audiobook – 1773 by C. S. Lewis (Author)

The Complete Chronicles of Narnia (text only) by C. S. Lewis,P. Baynes I bought this copy because for one, I personally did not want a "movie tie-in" version, I wanted to have a hardcover edition that contained all of the books in one that I could keep for years and pass down to my children – in short, good quality, tasteful, with pictures. It was described as being "Used – Good", but it arrived in excellent condition (no noticeable tears on the book itself with only slight page wear). This version came with a book jacket which is identical to the hard cover itself, so I threw away the jacket which was well worn. Also, the book description says "text only", which is strange, because this copy has tons of the original illustrations in full-color (I’ll try to post pictures soon). I feel like I hit the jackpot with this purchase and I highly encourage everyone to get this copy ASAP, because I’ve noticed the price of the "all-in-one" books skyrocketing lately (Barnes and Noble used to have a "leather"-bound copy for $20 three years ago which is $100 now). I sure hope these books don’t go out of print, but if they do, you’ll be glad you purchased this particular version, because it’ll be passed down the family. Check it out!

The Chronicles of Narnia Complete Set (Radio Theatre) by C. S. Lewis (2003-04-16) Audiobook – 1773 by C. S. Lewis (Author) Review

Beware of the difference between the hardcover and softcover of this edition: the hardcover is a single volume, and the softcover is a boxed set!But, with that out of the way, these books are some of the most delightful and thought-provoking stories you will ever encounter. I fell in love with them as a child, and still consider them among my favorite works of fictionnow I get to introduce a new generation of young readers to them, who I hope will enjoy them as much as I did at their age! C.S. Lewis is truly a master storyteller who incorporates important observations of human nature and lessons of morality and faith into a world of magic and endless possibilities. -Read Reviews-

I wanted to have all seven Chronicles-of-Narnia books in a single ebook, and that’s exactly what this product delivers. When I pre-ordered this item several months in advance, I was fortunate enough to find it on sale for $12–a real bargain. Upon its release, it was priced at $44. 99, which I think is high for a digital box set like this. Fortunately, the price recently dropped to $24. 99, which is a decent buy. By comparison, one can currently acquire the seven separate books at $5. 98 each and spend just under $42 (not counting any sales tax that might apply). Of course, someone who really wants Boxen (not of interest to me) would still have to get that somewhere else. Based on the publisher’s description of this box set, I was afraid there wouldn’t be any illustrations at all. I was pleased to discover that the publisher included one illustration at the beginning of each chapter in each book. The other in-line illustrations found throughout the text of the individual ebooks were omitted in this edition, which is aimed at older readers, according to the publisher. I was glad that at least some of the illustrations were included in this edition. However, since I would have preferred that this edition include all of the same illustrations as the seven separate ebooks, I have taken away one star. If you are a Narnia fan and, like me, prefer to have collections of related books in a single ebook to reduce the clutter on your Kindle, I recommend this edition–so long as you don’t mind that not all of the illustrations are included. If you’re an older reader like me and just want a nice, convenient way to re-read the Chronicles of Narnia, this should meet that need quite nicely. However, if you’re buying the Chronicles of Naria primarily to read to your children or grandchildren, and you want to show them the illustrations as you go along, I recommend sticking with the individual ebooks, which include the complete illustrations, even though that will likely mean spending more.

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