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The Cheerleaders Collection: The Cheerleaders (1973) / Revenge Of The Cheerleaders (1976) / The Swinging Cheerleaders (1974)

I went to see this movie while I was in college with buddies back in 1973. For that time and our age it was a hot movie. I purchased it mainly for the nostalgia and to go back in time to remember my college days. The movie is cheesy of course and corny funny. The girls would not be considered beautiful today but that is also part of the charm. ..they looked like real girls you saw around campus every day. Don’t expect great cinema or production values because you will not find it. The best part for me was watching it the second time with the commentary from the producer. Lots of background information that was interesting. If you saw this in the movie theater back in the early 70’s, pick it up and take a walk down memory lane and laugh a bit. Check it out!

From the Back Cover This collection contains three DVDs: “The Cheerleaders” When reluctant virgin Jeannie (the delicious Stephanie Fondue) joins Amoroso High cheerleaders, she’s welcomed into their wild world of teenage teases, lesbian love, horny jocks and more. But now the fix is in on the season’s big game, and the sexy squad has a plan to suck out the energy of the entire opposing team. Can the girls help their school win the championship? Will Jeannie find someone to pluck the cherry from her sundae? And most of all, is anyone safe from the unleashed lust of THE CHEERLEADERS? “Revenge of the Cheerleaders” Meet the sex-crazed cheerleaders of Aloha High (Jerri Woods, Patrice Rohmer, Susie Elene, Penthouse Pet Helen Lang and drive-in goddess Cheryl “Rainbeaux” Smith) who spend their days and nights raising the spirits of the boy’s basketball team (including a young David Hasselhoff as the ever-ready “Boner”). But when the girls discover a plot by the evil developers to condemn their beloved school, they strike back with a plan that includes high-protein breakfast shakes, drug-laden lunches, locker room orgies, giant dinosaurs and a secret weapon for winning the big game. All rules–and uniforms–are officially off: This is REVENGE OF THE CHEERLEADERS. “The Swinging Cheerleaders” Welcome to Mesa University, where all the scoring does not take place on the field. Watch pompoms fly when Kate (Jo Johnston), a reporter for the campus underground newspaper, goes undercover to expose “female exploitation in contemporary society.” But she may be out of her league when she discovers there’s more to wanton pompoms and blockhead jocks than meets the eye.END




The Cheerleaders Collection: The Cheerleaders (1973) / Revenge Of The Cheerleaders (1976) / The Swinging Cheerleaders (1974) Review


The Cheerleaders must be one of the most heavily censored erotic films around (I know of at least 4 different versions). That’s amazing, given that there is no hard-core activity or male nudity. It may be testimony to the sheer erotic intensity the film generates. This is the so-called “hard R” version, the original release print, and it looks great. Included is a stills gallery of “Cheerleader Cheesecake”, including what appear to be the motel room audition photos, and some incredible pooside shots of Stephanie Fondue. Fans of this film will be well rewarded. The film’s reputation as an erotic classic stems from numerous things that lift it above its competition: the girls are lovely, sexy and young (they actually look like high schoolers, not srippers); the photography is clear; the editing allows the action to unfold without a lot of jump cuts; the humor is genuinely funny; and the film develops a steady rhythm by quickly moving from one erotic scenario to another. In short, it delivers on its promise to be arousing, and it never lets up. If you liked the shower scene in Porkys, here’s a whole movie’s worth. Like any truly great film, this one created a genre of imitations, none even remotely as good as the original. The other two films in this package are interesting only as examples of that, despite the presence of Rainbeaux Smith (Drum) in both. The package includes a booklet with a good essay by Gary Hertz. All in all, a classy presentation, and thank you to Anchor Bay for doing a first-rate job with a deserving film. -Read Reviews-

soft core at its best

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