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The Bourbon Kings 02. The Angels' Share Paperback 4.5 out of 5 stars

I’m a fan of JR and, with the exception of a few books, have loved her BDB series. This book is the second in The Bourbon King series. I liked the first one better. It was a little faster paced but this second book has twists and turns I wasnt expecting. Ms Ward isn’t always great at writing female characters but has done a pretty good job with this series. JR excels at writing male characters and this book proves that once again. As with most of Ms Ward’s books her characters are what draw you in. The storyline is well developed as are the people. One of my favorite characters is momma. You’ll have to read the book to understand. In the BDB series each book highlights a certain specific character. In this series you’re continually exposed to each of the major players lives with each book. This type of writing makes the storyline the center and allows you to see how each, in this case, family member, is effected by what’s happening. I like seeing each character’s life progress throughout the series, assuming that will continue, and discovering what their part is in the whole picture as well as their backstory continuing to unfold. Love Lane and Lizzie. However, I’ve read a lot of reviews concerning people’s disappointment that each story doesn’t end with an HEA for the character that’s highlighted in the book. If you’re expecting this series to be the Kentucky version of the BDB you WILL be disappointed. That’s absolutely NOT what this series is. This series is a family saga that’s going to continue with each new book. I wouldn’t say it’s a soap opera as others have described it but it definitely is a sweeping saga right now centered around a specific event and the trainwreck that event leaves for others to clean up. This series doesn’t have a lot of hot steamy sex. Instead it allows you to imagine what’s going on. It’s not really a romance but has a definite romantic tone. I don’t know about you but I’m glad JR is writing something so different than the other books she’s written. The plot centers around the death of the patriarch of the family who was an evil bastard. At first it’s thought of as a suicide but then turns into something else entirely. The saga looks at each family member, their character pros and cons and to some degree how the father effected their lives and shaped who they have become as adults. In one part Lane talks about how, if he had been the brother kidnapped, that Edward would have come and gotten Lane himself and how Lane didn’t have it in him to do the same for Edward. That confession was really movin, honest and a real insight to the character of Lane. This is where JR excels. Lane is a good guy but like all of us he’s flawed and JR shows that. I find seeing a whole person much more interesting than seeing only the hero. I’m also really happy to see that not everyone is 20 years old ( as an aging women lol. ) I like experiencing characters of all ages. A book seems much more mature, adult and real when there is a wide range of people in different spaces of life, but that’s me. JR is a very good writer. In the romance genre which the BDB is in, she stands out as her books don’t come across as so formula being banged out every other month like a James Patterson. Her writing in this series excels as well. I’m looking forward to future books in the series. SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERTI don’t think Edward did it. Check it out!

The Bourbon Kings 02. The Angels’ Share Paperback 4.5 out of 5 stars Review

The Angels Share starts out where book 1 ( The Bourbon Kings ) left off. The Bradford familys patriarch has destroyed the the company coffers, and then jumped off a bridge, leaving the estate in shambles. Youngest son, Lane, works to keep Easterly from going bankrupt, while oldest son, Edward, finds solace in the bottom of a bottle. While there are some memorable scenes in this book, such as Lanes accidental fall from the very same bridge where his dad met his death, I thought this story lacked the substance and suspense of book 1. J.R. Ward does a commendable job of portraying the depth of betrayal Edward feels for his fathers horrifying transgressions, but its not enough to save this storyline from dragging. Enjoyable read. I give The Angels Share 4 lovely kisses -Read Reviews-

The Angels Share (The Bourbon Kings #2) by JR Ward4 stars!!The angels had to have their share, however, as was their right and their due. After The Bourbon Kings my head was a mess trying to piece together who was related to who, who was interconnected and who had slept with who etc. So much was packed into that book but it is now that I appreciate it. This series is literally like Dallas on speed and after the many many layers of foundations were laid in The Bourbon Kings, The Angels Share was not so frenetic and so made this a compelling, easy read. This book is literally the fallout from The Bourbon Kings, the ramifications and yet even more conspiracy theories, arrests and potential bankruptcy. A reversal of fortune is a social disease with no inoculation. Nobody came. Thanks to the death of William Baldwine, the Baldwine legacy is hanging on by a thread. The family finances are in dire straits and with loans being called in Lane has to fight to keep their current predicament out of the press all the while trying to find money he just doesnt have. Calling in favours left right and centre, his forensic friend is going through the financials trying to find where the money has gone and it is no easy feat. It is a painstakingly long task and one that Lane just doesnt have the time for but is a necessary evil. It seems though William Baldwine is still casting a black cloud from beyond the grave as more secrets are revealed and a lot more other stuff comes out of the woodwork, but my lips are sealed. Dont try to own problems or faults that arent yours. Its not a good long-term strategy. Lane and Lizzie really cement themselves as a couple throughout this book and they are each others anchor in very stormy seas, but their love is so strong that these two could weather anything. Lane really steps up to the plate in this book as the family are depending on him, something that he never saw coming and deep down never knew he wanted. And fight to keep the company going. And fight to keep the house and the land of his ancestors. And fight for his family. He was a warrior. He had learned that the hard way. He had earned that title the hard way. Edwards story just gets more and more upsetting and this is one Baldwine that I desperately want to know more about. His story is heart breaking and as his story unfolds you cannot help but become more and more invested. His past is full of evil and dark and has stripped him of everything he once had, all at the hands of his father. Once the heir to the Baldwine legacy, Edward feels incredibly alone and unworthy of anyone and everything. All he sees are his scars, not the selfless human being underneath and it seems his acts of selflessness are not yet finished. How codependent of youBut Ive be tortured for eight days by people who were going to kill me, and in my case, that is not hyperbole. If you think there is anything that you can do to get me attention, you are delusional. Gin Baldwine, the prodigal daughter, I couldnt stand her in the first book. She was a typical princess who thought the world owed her a living and treated her servants like slaves and something she scraped off the bottom of her shoe. Gin finally grows up in The Angels Share, it seems that she finally has the nous to do something for herself even though you can see it only bringing more trouble in the long run. Her daughter however is intriguing and I cannot wait to see how she fits into this story going forward. However, Gin and Samuel T, holy chemistry, I just want these two to get it on finally and their biggest skeleton to finally come out of the closet. Youre better than this. You deserve better than this Youre priceless, Gin, no matter whats in your bank account. Overall this was an addictive read and one that I actually couldnt put down. JR Ward really captivates the reader with this Southern soap opera and a family that is so screwed up that you cannot believe it is real. But, that is the funny thing, I bet this has happened and does happen all the time. With wealth people lose themselves, how much is enough? People lose their identities only being measured by their bank accounts and social standing and that constant pressure of being better than Tom, Dick or Harry leads to dubious decisions and all scruples and morals being thrown out of the window. This is what JR Ward brings to the table, effortlessly. I can see this as a TV programme and as much I looked forward to the Alexis and Krystle fights I can see the Baldwines giving them a run for their money. Never mind who shot JR, who killed William Baldwine?We are permanently altered. If we are lucky and we are smart and we are freed at the right time, we are improved. If we are aged too long, we are ruined forever. Timing, like fate, is everything.

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