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The Best of Sam & Dave

I love this album. I made a mistake and said that "This is Your World and I am just living in it" was on the Temptation album I reviewed earlier but It is on this one, not the temptation one. Anyway, the music speaks to my soul and my body just response as if it has a mind of its own when I am listening. This is a great album to just listen to but even better to dance to. Very meaningful words in many of the songs on this album. "Still of the night" is another great song on here. Check it out!

Product Description 21 slices of hot Southern soul for $11.98-hold on, we’re coming! Includes Hold On, I’m Coming; Soul Man; You Don’t Know Like I Know; Said I Wasn’t Gonna Tell Nobody; I Thank You; When Something Is Wrong with My Baby; Soul Sister, Brown Sugar; You Don’t Know What You Mean to Me; You Got Me Hummin’; Soothe Me; Can’t You Find Another Way (of Doing It) , and more. This music is so fiery that merely listening to will bring sweat to your brow. But the creators of such classics as "Soul Man" and "Hold On, I’m Coming" won’t stand just for listening. The energy between Sam and Dave is infectious enough to propel you to your feet. Their harmonies are tight, echoed by thrilling horn riffs, bursts of guitar solos, and when it’s all about to explode, they settle back with a ballad like "When Something Is Wrong with My Baby" that’s every bit as moving as their uptempo tracks. This is what happens when church music goes clubbing. –Robert Gordon




The Best of Sam & Dave Review


I ordered this disc in February 2011. Great collection but as several other reviewers mention, there is a audible hiss when “Soothe Me” opens. The only remastered version of that song is a Live cut, AFAIK. There is also another version of “Hold On, I’m Coming” that is not on this disc. It fades with the phrase “take my hand” and seems a bit more soulful. Given that there is a “better” version of “Hold On” out there and that the disc needs remastering, I say this gets 4 stars. -Read Reviews-

You probably know whether you are a Sam & Dave fan or not, so I’ll spare the musicological review. The important thing is that these were the ORIGINAL Atlantic records hit versions released Ca. 1966-1970, not the inferior re-recordings the duo made later, when they were presumably hard-up for cash. Unfortunately, those later re-recordings are all over Amazon and easy to purchase by mistake.

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