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The Best Man [VHS]

Got exactly what I wanted. I’m very skeptical of things I can’t see in person but this was actually worth the money. Check it out!

a real good movie full of emotion




The Best Man [VHS] Review


I first saw this movie on t.v. and was charmed by it. This is the story of a group of 30-something college friends who reunite for the wedding of the one who has become a pro-football player. However, their anticipated weekend of carefree fun is tainted when they realize that the best man’s newly published book contains a long-kept secret about the bride-to-be. Prenuptial events take some interesting turns as the friends each figure out what happened in the past and try to make sure the groom doesn’t find out. The plot is surprisingly heartfelt and entertaining and the actors are all fun to watch. Whether you view it for sheer entertainment or as a window into the world (and personalities) of the characters, you’ll enjoy it. -Read Reviews-

Harper Stewart writes a book about his group of friends and doesn’t tell them and believes that his writing was just inspired by his friends and that they would not recognize themselves. Two of the main characters in the book are getting married and they ask Harper to be the best man. What he finds out is that a preview of his book got to one of his friends and everything in his world changes. Movie includes one of best songs by Stevie Wonder "As" from the album "Songs in the Key of Life" great CD. Terrance Howard has an interesting way of playing guitar. Great fun, lessons learned, you are going to love it. Love the cast!!!

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