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The Berenstain Bears and the Messy Room Paperback – May 12, 1983 by Stan Berenstain (Author)

This book describes the messy fast paced life of most children. It is cute and has a good lesson behind it. This book can be used in the classroom to help with student organization. Sometimes classrooms, especially in younger grades, can get really messy because things aren’t put back where they are supposed to go, and kids get in such a rush they forget to clean up. So by reading this book and showing that cleaning and organizing can have a positive impact you and your students can start an annual cleaning day for each month. Start that day by finding a place for everything, get the students input, have them help make colorful and creative labels, and then sit back down and admire your handiwork. Then for the res of the month make sure to have students put things in their places as best as they can. By the time the next cleaning day comes around, the better job they did putting things away each day, the less they have to clean on cleaning day. And as the Bears said, it is a lot more fun to play and work in a clean environment. Check it out!

From the Inside Flap “The room shared by Brother and Sister is a mess because the cubs argue over who should neaten up instead of working together. Sure to make toddlers smile while they absorb an implied lesson.”–“Publishers Weekly.

The Berenstain Bears and the Messy Room Paperback – May 12, 1983 by Stan Berenstain (Author) Review

I firmly believe all of life’s problems can be solved by the Berenstain Bears. The messy room is an all time favorite of both "cubs" and parents. Most mothers can relate when mama bear loses it and starts throwing toys out much to the Cubs horror. I also appreciate the fact that in this book papa bear comes to the rescue and solves the problem. In the Berenstain bear books papa is often treated as the parent who makes all the mistakes in a bumbling and lovable way. It is nice to see papa bear receive the respect he deserves and the realization that mama bear isn’t perfect all the time. -Read Reviews-

I grew up reading the Berenstain Bear books and we only have a few of them at my mothers house. When my daughter got old enough for them I was so happy to be able to find them for her. 🙂 We are slowly building up her collection of books. Figured we would start with the ones with the correct message for her attitude right now. I love this one because it teaches about organization and taking responsibility for your space but it also shows that adults can be emotional and overwhelmed. I especially love that Momma Bear is the one who gets fed up and Papa Bear comes in and helps settle the situation dn comes up with the solution. Often in these books Momma Bear is the one who fixes it.

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