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The BBC Sessions

A really great CD! I listen to it at work and at home. It is so nostalgic. The liner notes are excellent and gives a history of the Yardbirds, and each song listed as well. I especially love the last few tracks with Jimmy Page, because he gives each song an added flare, especially Goodnight Sweet Josephine. I also like the tracks with Jeff Beck as well, especially Smokestack Lightning. This album is well worth my money. I would recommend it to any Yardbirds fan or to those who appreciate unique music as much as I do. Check it out!

Deluxe Digipack. Collects Rare 1965-1968 Recordings with Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page & Jeff Beck.




The BBC Sessions Review


Great album for any true Rock n’ Roll fan. This is a sound that may never be heard again. The fusion of blues-jazz-rock & roll into a category all of its own. A must buy for any one that appreciates true & real music. -Read Reviews-

If you love the Yardbirds this album is a must-have. Excellent recording and performances live in the studio!

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