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The Art of War

Well first off let me start by saying I don’t care what people say about the movie or Snipes, it was a great movie. For those who think different, they didn’t really see the movie or botherd to take a look at the time frame of when it was created. I have seen almost all of Wesley’s action films but this one is the best to date next to blade. From the suspence to the martial art action sequences, Snipes delivers. When watching the movie I understood exactly what was going on just by the actions of the characters alone. He worked for the UN and was setup by the UN is the whole story in a nut shell but the trip taking to find out the truth makes the movie worth watching. If your looking for some action that involves a twist of Martial arts and spy technology this is one film to add to your list. I only wish Wesley Snipes can bring that much energy and more in his films over the next few years(if of course he dosen’t go to jail). Check it out!

Product Description Art of War, The (DVD)Wesley Snipes stars as an American undercover agent framed for murder who must expose international conspirators intent on destroying the United Nations in the thriller The Art of War. Although he doesn’t officially exist, lethal weapon Neil Shaw (Snipes) serves as a critical line of defense for the secretary general of the United Nations. But after being accused of killing a Chinese ambassador, Shaw goes underground to solve the crime and clear his own name only to discover a more sinister mystery than he ever imagined. Unable to trust anyone except beautiful translator Julia Fang (Marie Matiko), Shaw pursues Chan (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa), a ruthless businessman he suspects of being the mastermind behind a global plot of cataclysmic proportions. The Art of War is the first action movie with a hero who works for the United Nations–the U.N. Covert Operations Unit, to be specific. Who knew there was such a thing? Wesley Snipes plays Shaw, their top operative, who’s unafraid of dropping several stories from one ledge of a skyscraper to another. When the Chinese ambassador is assassinated, it threatens the stability of an impending trade agreement that the secretary-general (played by Donald Sutherland) has worked so hard to achieve. Shaw gets arrested for the assassination, but who’s really responsible? Is it the wily Chinese capitalist? A seemingly affable FBI agent? Only a lovely U.N. interpreter (Marie Matiko) believes he’s innocent, especially when someone tries to knock her off and Shaw is the only person she can turn to… well, you get the idea. The script is neither original nor comprehensible, but that’s not why you’d want to watch a movie like The Art of War–it’s the action. And the action is pretty good, particularly earlier on when the confusions of the plot don’t matter as much. Michael Biehn (The Terminator, The Rock) does a serviceable job as one of Shaw’s associates, Anne Archer (Fatal Attraction, Clear and Present Danger) tries to seem complicated as the head of the Covert Operations Unit, and Maury Chaykin (The Mask of Zorro, Devil in a Blue Dress) is dependable as ever as the FBI guy. –Bret Fetzer




The Art of War Review


After hearing very little about this film other than negative reactions from friends, I bought the DVD, and am thrilled with the film and the pressing. Director Christian Duguay has super charged a sometimes confusing plot with lots and lots of action, gunfire, chases, explosions, you name it – it’s here. There is very little "down time" in this movie. The visuals are stunning whether at the very top of a high skyscraper, in a nightclub, or on the street great effort was spent in getting it right. Turn off the sometimes overpowering surround sound and view it once, twice, any number of times for the pure joy of detail, color, and the essence of mood, rain, darkness, it’s all there. So the acting at times is stretched, the plot confusing, the visuals are worth the viewing. Actress Marie Matiko (from The Corruptor) breaths fresh life into this film. She is headstrong, determined, vulnerable at times, always moving staying up with the action, creating action and enhancing what is happening to her and around her. Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa who first came on the scene in a very memorable performance in "The Last Emporer" performs the "perfect" villian, smooth, evil, premeditated, you won’t forget him. As to the others I’ll let you be the judge. Just order it, play it, study it, and enjoy "The Art of War". -Read Reviews-

Buy it and enjoy being at the movies,never a dull moment. all 3 of these movies I really do enjoy and watch over again an again !!!!!

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