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That's Not What I Heard

Love this album. Tracks are short, but every single one is a rockin’ ball of energy. Like all great bands, The Gossip’s music has evolved with time, and I like their newer stuff, but this album reminds me of why I fell in love with them to begin with. Must-buy if you want to hear their roots. Funky, soul-shaking rock. Period. Check it out!

Product Description Soul Mama #1 struts and shouts over wham-bam drumming and jerky, quirky blues guitar. Destined to have all the kids screaming. Restraint and polish have their virtues, but the Gossip’s first full-length preaches a powerful sermon on the value of raw, honest emotion and reckless abandon. Part of the power of their message lies in the simplicity of its delivery. Limiting themselves to vocals, guitar, and drums, with absolutely no studio wizardry, first names only in liner notes, and a total running time of less than 25 minutes, this threesome has no tolerance for non-essentials. Guitarist Nathan and drummer Kathy lay down a stripped-down retro sound somewhat reminiscent of the Flat Duo Jets and Bratmobile, providing singer Beth with a perfect pulpit from which to deliver her frank discourses on lesbian love, lust, and leverage. Highlights include opener “Swing Low,” the back-to-back “Where the Girls Are” and “Bring It On,” and the closer, “Hott Date.” While this CD’s 14 tracks aren’t incredibly diverse, they do pack a wallop, and fans of no-frills garage rock and raw, lo-fi blues should definitely give it a listen. –Steve Halloran See all Editorial Reviews




That’s Not What I Heard Review


Not my favorite album by them. Almost all the songs sound the same. -Read Reviews-

I haven’t heard the c.d. …but I’ve heard it live. ..and it kicked arse. I went to the Empty Bottle here in Chicago last night to see the White Stripes, and The Gossip played right before them. ..and they got me off my feet, dancing, and having one hell of a good time. True I am a fan of punk music, but my friends who aren’t also really like them, and had a great time. The band rocks the hell out. They’re raw, they’re fun, they’re over the line at times. The singer, (meg?) invited girls up on stage to dance, and by the end of their set, they had about 15 girls rockin like hell-fire. I mean, it wasn’t "trying to look sexy dancing", it was, "shaking your head, pouring sweat, eyes closed, whole body moving dancing". I had such a blast and loved their insane, gritty sound so much, I have to buy the album now. … I reccommend it. … especially if you’re looking to let loose and dance like you don’t give a damn.

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