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That's Not Mine Hardcover – September 1, 2015 by Anna Kang (Author)

When I read this to my 3 1/2 year old grandson a few weeks ago, he loved it immediately. I think he said, "I want to hear that again!" 11 times and of course I obliged. I supplement the story by explaining some of what is going on. …asking Gabe what the facial expressions were telling him. ..what the little tornado over the heads of the characters mean. We talked about what each picture was telling us about what was going on. I also alter my voice for each character and raise the volume accordingly! I hadn’t read it to him in several weeks. When I arrived to babysit for him last evening he was wired. I saw the book and picked it up. He came right over and sat quietly next to me as I read it and once more I heard, "Again!" Check it out!

From School Library Journal K-Gr 2—That’s (Not) Mine teaches the value of sharing by demonstrating the opposite. A tall brown bear and a stubby blue bear—the very same pair from You Are (Not) Small (Amazon, 2014)—both want to sit in the same comfy yellow chair, but neither is willing to give it up. They argue about who it belongs to, constantly crying “It’s mine!”, and just like belligerent children they offer the kind of reasoning one would expect from such a statement. Quickly, their fairly “innocent” attempts to lay claim to the chair through trickery descend into physically removing one another. Their furrowed brows express the seriousness of the situation without detracting from the humorous approach of the overall look. With copious white space, the design is effective and cute. The story ends on a reassuring note, as the characters realize their folly and make up. Kang and Weyant’s minimalistic art and dialogue force viewers to make their own inferences about events, especially in regards to why it is wrong to act in such a manner. VERDICT With its clever use of reverse psychology, That’s (Not) Mine provides the perfect foundation for a discussion on sharing.—Rachel Forbes, Oakville Public Library, Ontario, Canada

That’s Not Mine Hardcover – September 1, 2015 by Anna Kang (Author) Review

I bought this book for my 32-month-old Granddaughter who loves to be read to. I tried to find the text online, but was unable to see much of it. I bought it on the strength of the reviews. She doesn’t like it very well, and I think it’s because it doesn’t have much of a story, just a few words on each page, and she doesn’t yet understand the meaning. Maybe better for an older child. -Read Reviews-

Enjoyed the illustrations and story of I’m (not) small, so thought I’d pick this one up as well. Just as great as the first one. Enjoy listening to my son read and act out what is happening.

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