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Testimony: A Novel Audible – Unabridged Anita Shreve (Author),

Although this book was a quick read, I didn’t care for it. For one thing, the non-linear narrative, told from a variety of perspectives, only works some of the time and quite often fails. (Anytime Shreve is attempting the voice of a lower class townsperson, it comes off as condescending. ) Oddly, her male narrators are much stronger than her female narrators, and the voice of the “victim” is so cliche as to be painful. Also, the incident at the center of this book is not as interesting or as scandalous as it could be – I’m sure she wanted to stick to a realistic scenario, which she did, but the thought that this incident would be in the national news nearly every day for two years? Unlikely. Finally, small point, but she didn’t bring up child pornography. .. which would almost certainly have been a charge given the incident. All that said, it kept me occupied for much of a long flight and I never considered putting it down. If you’re like me and addicted to sex scandals and boarding schools, you may enjoy it. Check it out!

Testimony: A Novel Audible – Unabridged Anita Shreve (Author), Review

Of the books written by Anita Shreve, I’ve read one other – “The Pilots Wife” – so I was familiar with her style of writing. That was one of the reasons why I decided to read “Testimony” – If I’m not mistaken, another reviewer of this book indicated that the storyline & format would be appreciated by people who enjoyed & understood Shreve’s style. The story was told I think uniquely, by several characters. ..some of whom were major players in the story, & others who had a less significant role. I was impressed with how well so many of the characters were developed. It definitely caused me consider multiple points of view & to wonder how these types of actions & circumstances might evolve in reality. Whether or not you’ve read this author before, I recommend giving this book a try – I don’t think you’ll be disappointed! -Read Reviews-

A book every parent should recognize since the worries over late night phone calls, wondering where the bear traps might be for YOUR child is full of universal angst. Without judgement, Shreve let’s us see all of the explanations, emotions, thought processes and costs to future lives when three teen-age boys take a step off their charted paths with devastating consequences. Shreve let’s us see the story of heartbreaks behind the headlines and exactly what costs are brought to their families. Sould have every parent honestly thinking if only for a few milliseconds, there but for the grace of God, go I. This book SHOULD be required reading for every high school sophomore , not in English Lit class but in Ethics. Teenagers with their feelings of immortality and looks past consequences for their every decision will either get the book, or notA possible future lost is found in all three families of the boys involved but it points with laser precision at the loss of responsibility or consequence for the girl. But everyone has to make their own judgement . ……. Of who was right and who was wronged. Just like The Pilots Wife, this story is not a feel good, put it down and forget it 5 minutes later book. It will stay with you and maybe even make you think about your own path.

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