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It was difficult to find a replacement for the copy of this my autistic son wore out which wasn’t a collector’s item. One listen and you can see why. The guest stars are terrific, but the real stars are the Muppets. Fantastic covers of songs we know and love, done in each Muppet’s character. This is a family favorite! I bet your family will love it, too. Check it out!




Test Big Data 601 Review


This interesting album contains duets by Kermit and Miss Piggy with the likes of Ozzy Osbourne, Vince Gill, Don Henley (from the Eagles), and Jimmy Buffet (parrotheads take note). This recording certainly follows the precedent set by the now defunct "Muppet Show," that of popular celebrities performing/interacting with the muppets. True to form this album is highly polished and sounds quite well. It has the trademark muppet humor with the funniest track, in my opinion, being that between Miss Piggy and Ozzy Osbourne. This unlikely pair really bring make this album shine with their rendition of "Born to be Wild. " While this album will not appeal to all tastes, it could serve as a good way to introduce a younger child or non fan to rock music. If nothing else it provides yet another set rare performances by popular and diverse artists. Worth the purchase! -Read Reviews-

After hearing hours & hours of Raffi & Elmo (they too are wonderful, but get old fast), this was a FABULOUS change! In fact, my husband & I found ourselves listening to the CD in the car, even when our daughter wasn’t with us! Took us back to the old days of watching the Muppet Show with a big bowl of popcorn. And our daughter loves "All Together Now," she can’t talk much yet, but she definitely tries to sing along!

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