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I used to own this album on Cassette but I haven’t listened to tapes in about 13 years or so but I wanted to get this album again after hearing the track Release in the movie Out of the Furnace with Christian Bale; a great movie both powerful and sad. This is the pinnacle Pearl Jam album for me since I grew up in the 90s and was introduced to them when the sons Even Flow, Alive and Jeremy were playing on the radio and MTV. This album also brought greater awareness to the exploding Seattle scene which blew Glam Rock and Hair Metal out of the water. I love this album from front to back and listen to it without skipping a track. Not many albums do that for me but this one does. Check it out!

Product description No Description AvailableTrack: 10: Deep,Track: 11: Release,Track: 1: Once,Track: 2: Evenflow,Track: 3: Alive,Track: 4: Why Go,Track: 5: Black,Track: 6: Jeremy,Track: 7: Oceans,Track: 8: Porch,Track: 9: GardenMedia Type: CDArtist: PEARL JAMTitle: TENStreet Release Date: 08/27/1991




Ten Review


Pearl Jam has a bunch of songs that just always seem to get stuck in your head when you listen to the radio, and not in a bad way. You like the songs and want to hear more of them. And the ones on Ten are absolutely classic. I’m going to admit, I don’t like most of the newer stuff Pearl Jam created. It just doesn’t cut it for someone like me who really enjoys grunge and the old sound. It’s just my opinion, and doesn’t have to be anyone else’s. Ten has plenty of great songs. The three singles that get a lot of airtime on rock radio stations are probably the three that you’re familiar with- Alive, Jeremy, and Even Flow. They’re a great choice for singles, and are, in my opinion, some of the strongest songs on there. Even Flow is probably my favorite, partially because of how melodic it is. You can barely understand what Eddie Vedder is singing because of that. I also liked how Release ended. All of the songs either recount real events that have happened to Vedder (such as Alive being about finding out that his father was actually his step-father) or are typically misleading and full of deeper meanings. They all are kind of bleak, but that’s what grunge is about. A little thing that I liked about the CD was that the booklet that usually has song lyrics, pictures, and all of that copyright info wasn’t actually a booklet. It was an ingenious piece of paper folded up that looks more like a poster. It’s fun seeing the ingeniousness of people. Pearl Jam definitely has a sound all its own. The band sounds very different from most of the other bands you have ever heard, even grunge bands like Nirvana or Alice in Chains. It is this difference that makes Pearl Jam stand out. It seems to be more about having multiple guitars come together and create an orchestra of sound rather than just a couple guys sitting down together and playing whatever and screaming into the microphone. Yes, you have that, but it’s more refined. It’s more beautiful. That is probably why Pearl Jam was able to create music for twenty years, and was able to keep up with the times. But the beauty and talent of Pearl Jam is best captured on their debut album, Ten. -Read Reviews-

The grunge years of rock n roll in the 90’s were not something that I look back on very fondly. With a few exceptions I found it hard to get into the majority of bands that came out of this scene. One of those exceptions however was Pearl Jam. Pearl Jam owed as much to classic rock as they did to grunge and to me “Ten” is one of the best all around rock albums to be released in the 90’s. The album produced a slew of rock radio hits, all of which are strong. The rest of the album also brims with life and I personally don’t think there is a clunker in the bunch. Yes, a lot of grunge purists considered Pearl Jam not to be truly part of their movement which may be an accurate assessment, but to me that is not a negative. I have had mixed feelings about some of Pearl Jam’s other albums finding some great and some not so good, but “Ten” truly is a classic of its era and deserves the accolades it has received over the years.

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