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Buy “Rush – Presto – Music” Online

I’m a sucker for anything Rush puts out and since they started these Vinyl reissues well over a year ago I have been buying each one. With Presto I remember fondly the tour, they had giant hats on stage with bunnies popping out of them. Rush’s stage shows have been entertaining and a seperate specticle… Continue Reading

Buy “Afx – Analogue Bubblebath – Music” Online

When I bought this, I was under the impression that it would be something among the lines of Selected Ambient Works 85-92 or On: it was released around that time, and the name alone–Analogue Bubblebath–conjured scenes of peaceful ambience, like something calm and warm. Well, anyone who’s heard this knows that that couldn’t be farther… Continue Reading

Buy “Esteban – Flamenco Y Rosas – Music” Online

Great Guitar! Enjoy the classics, Besame Mucho, Malaguena, Maria Elena. Could use more accompaniment by other instruments to differentiatethe individual melodies, i.e., castanets to accentuate the flamenco attitude. Check it out! Product Description Flamenco y Rosas is a collection of Flamenco Guitar solos combined with the best loved Latin and Spanish songs. Esteban’s deep love… Continue Reading

Buy “Shelby Lynne – This Is Shelby Lynne – Music” Online

. ..but for Shelby [and her sister], I make exceptions. Shelby is fabulous. ..she has evolved from country to rock, to jazz/blues, to just plain tough to classify. Why she and Allison aren’t the best known singers on Earth is beyond me. But this is where she began, and the now-fulfilled promise is self evident…. Continue Reading