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Buy “Jerry Douglas And Peter Rowan – Yonder – Music” Online

Great album, love both these artists, together they are magic Check it out! Product description Yonder [Audio CD] Jerry Douglas And Peter Rowan There’s a timeless, simple beauty to this collaboration between old friends: just Jerry Douglas on Dobro and guitar and Peter Rowan on vocals, mandolin, and guitar. Every instrumental break and every word… Continue Reading

Buy “Madonna – Music – Music” Online

Madonna’s 2000 album, Music, is a fine record. Continuing on the electronica trend she began with 1998’s Ray of Light album, Music turns it up a few notches. Thanks to Madonna’s collaboration with producer Mirwais, the songs have a truly unique edge that no other artist has used. The title track already proved to be… Continue Reading

Buy “Marianne Faithfull – Vagabond Ways – Music” Online

The Marianne Faithfull part of my music collection stretches for a long distance. I liked her back when she had the little girl voice doing the folkie and light folk/pop things in the mid-60s. I liked her harrowing version of “Visions of Johannah” recorded at a time when she was completely strung out on junk… Continue Reading

Buy “Sonique – Hear My Cry – Music” Online

This one *is* difficult to rate. I was attracted to Sonique after hearing It Feels So Good (loved that song the first time I heard it), and would have preferred more songs like that one. However, the rest of the CD explores many other territories, as mentioned by other reviewers. There is an underlying electronica… Continue Reading

Buy “David Bowie – David Bowie – Music” Online

This album is not essential for a casual Bowie fan, but it is incredibly interesting for the more hard-core fan. The seeds of what he will become are just as apparent here as they are on Space Oddity — in some cases more so — and so absolutely worth exploring. Other reviews and even some… Continue Reading