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Buy “Eric Bent – Day In The Life, A – Music” Online

Love me some Eric Benet, I have all of his album. I recommend all of them you can listen to every song without skipping it. Shipping was really fast, I got it within 2 days. Check it out! Product Description The sophisticated, oh-so-very-smooth soul of Eric Benet adds some major funk on his second album,… Continue Reading

Buy “Sade – Promise – Music” Online

I’m a fan of Sadé, and I have this album on cassette tape. I got tired of listening to a flawed rip I had made from my cassette tape to a music file on my computer, so I have finally broke down and ordered a CD to hear the clean, crisp vocals again. I’m happy!… Continue Reading

Buy “Sade – Love Deluxe – Music” Online

I really like the production of this album. "No Ordinary Love" is a very subtle mix of genres. I applaud the producer and engineer of this album because the distorted guitar is not something that generally belongs in soul music. However, without it, there would really be something missing. The simple sixteenth notes on the… Continue Reading

Buy “Taylor Dayne – Planet Love – Music” Online

Great!! Thanks for the quick turnaround Check it out!       Planet Love Review   Track list: 1 Original vocal mix -7:29/ 2 Freiburn & Urik vocal mix -11:29/ 3 Original radio mix -4:03/ 4 Freiburn & Urik radio mix -4:04/ 5 The Really Stereo Experience Dub -7:13/ 6 Freiburn & Urik instrumental -11:30…. Continue Reading

Buy “Taylor Dayne – Soul Dancing – Music” Online

Fabulous singer. Check it out! Taylor Dayne Soul Dancing CD       Soul Dancing Review   I have not listened to it, but my daughter says she really likes it. -Read Reviews- By 1993, Taylor Dayne’s shift to soul was complete, although Ric Wake’s sound isn’t as crucial here. Despite his producing or co-producing… Continue Reading

Buy “Madonna – Bedtime Story / Survival – Music” Online

Bedtime Stories supuso una hábil (y necesaria) reacción de Madonna al notorio fracaso comercial de “Erotica” (1992). En realidad, no era la primera vez (ni fue la última) en que esta cantante evolucionaba siguiendo un patrón pendular: tras una etapa previsiblemente polémica o provocativa, mostraba otra faz en clave relajada y amable. Tal vez es… Continue Reading