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Buy “Erm600t English-Romanian Electronic Talking Dictionary Electronic Foreign Language Dictionaries Electronics” Online

Check it out! The Ectaco ERM600T Language Teacher English-Romanian speaking dictionary is a talking dictionary with advanced linguistic capabilities. Its graphic user interface, backlit display, and key panel make it very easy and convenient to use. The academic-size dictionary of 475,000 words includes 36,000 medical, 33,000 technical, 28,000 legal, and 29,000 business terms, phrases, idioms,… Continue Reading

Buy “Quicken TurboTax (Tax Year 2000)” Online

I have used TurboTax for several years now, and have generally been very pleased with it. This year however I ran into a limitation which is not documented anywhere except for one article on Intuit’s web site. No box can have a value more than 9,999,999. The online answer refers one to their much more… Continue Reading