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Buy “Santana – Supernatural – Music” Online

Cant believe nobody has written a review on this classic. Carlos Santana is my vote for Best Guitar Player. Yes THE BEST. Hendrix was the best in his time but he died just as his music was maturing past Foxey Lady, Watch Tower, and Purple Haze. Carlos lives, and gets better with each passing decade…. Continue Reading

Buy “Aerosmith – Just Push Play – Music” Online

I bought this CD after hearing ‘Jaded’ and loving it. Although I like many of the well-known Aerosmith songs, this was my first CD of theirs and boy, was I in for a treat. To be honest I was expecting only to like ‘Jaded’ and maybe a few more tracks, but this is a fantastic… Continue Reading

Buy “LeAnn Rimes – I Need You – Music” Online

LeAnn is perhaps one of the most talented vocalists in the industry today. No matter what you think of the songs she chooses to cover, or the style of music she may choose, there’s no denying that she’s one versatile lady, blessed with a voice that’s nothing short of incredible. One of the challenges LeAnn… Continue Reading

Buy “Saturday the 14th Strikes Back Julie Kay Araskog, Peter Frankland, Christopher Franklin, Leo Gordon, Phil Leeds, Martha Mackenzie, Patricia McCormack, Julianne McNamara, Victoria Morsell, Kathryn O'Reilly, Jason Presson, Tommy Rall, Damon Roberts (II), Joseph Ruskin, Avery Schreiber, Bob Snead, Pamela Stonebrook, Ray Walston, Daniel Will-Harris Movies & TV” Online

The video was in good quality. There weren’t any issues with static or tracking or any of that. I could see the movie really well. Unfortunately, this movie is not nearly as good as I had remembered. All the jokes were funnier and more original in the first Saturday the 14th. Worse, there’s a meanness… Continue Reading

Buy “Shania Twain – Live Shania Twain, Brent Barcus, J.D. Blair, Roddy Chiong, Cory Churko, Andy Cichon, Allison Cornell, Hardy Hemphill, Marc Muller, Randy Waller, Leahy, Cailey Ervin, Lawrence Jordan, Christine Mitsogiorgakis, Barbara Carr, George Travis, Jack Gulick, Jan Stabile, Jon Landau, Lee Rolontz Movies & TV” Online

Great deal, fast shipping, NO problems! Check it out! This DVD is 120 minutes and features Shania Twain’s 1998 w orld tour. It includes 25 tracks: Man! I Feel Like a Woman ! Honey, I’m Home, You Win My Love, & more.       Shania Twain – Live Review   This is a DVD… Continue Reading

Buy “New Order – Substance – Music” Online

The word “essential” has been used to describe just about every CD available for sale on Amazon by one reviewer or another, but if any album deserves this description its Substance 1987 by New Order. During the 80’s, New Order crafted a unique and wonderful sound combining the fretty guitar work and almost-spoken vocals of… Continue Reading

Buy “Kyuss – Sky Valley – Music” Online

It always amazes me when I run across QOTSA fans that are unaware Josh Homme was already a guitar freak at 17 as a part of Kyuss. This album is the one for me that showed Kyuss at their peak. Epic, long, winding songs that change tempo and have more groove that you are likely… Continue Reading

Buy “Bjork – Homogenic – Music” Online

I’ve just recently discovered Bjork’s music after seeing and hearing her stunning performance in Dancer in the Dark and its soundtrack, and have since listened to all her solo discs, and seem to now on a regular basis. This one is my favorite. Debut and Post are both wonderful discs, but on this disc she… Continue Reading