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Buy “Braveheart [VHS] Gibson, Marceau Movies & TV” Online

I own both the two-disc, Special Collector’s Edition of this film, and two copies of the Widescreen Collection DVD. The main differences between the two versions are the addition, to the two-disc version, of an interview with the Writer, Randall Wallace, and a documentary about the historic William Wallace, as well as interviews with the… Continue Reading

Buy “Passion of Mind Demi Moore, Eloise Eonnet, Hadrian Dagannaud-Brouard, Chaya Cunot, Julianne Nicholson, William Fichtner, Sinad Cusack, Joss Ackland, Peter Riegert, Stellan Skarsgrd, Gerry Bamman, Steve Bilich, Alain Berliner, Andre Lamal, Carole Scotta, Gary Lucchesi, Robin O'Hara, Ronald Bass, David Field Movies & TV” Online

I loved this movie. There are a couple of issues though:1) It doesn’t play on all players – something about the format not being readable on U.S. players. I put it on my computer and used VLC Media Player – fixed the problem2) It took about a week or two to get to me. Not… Continue Reading

Buy “Barry Lyndon Ryan O'Neal, Marisa Berenson, Patrick Magee, Hardy Krger, Steven Berkoff, Gay Hamilton, Marie Kean, Diana Krner, Murray Melvin, Frank Middlemass, Andr Morell, Arthur O'Sullivan, John Alcott, Stanley Kubrick, Tony Lawson, Bernard Williams, Jan Harlan, William Makepeace Thackeray Movies & TV” Online

In "Barry Lyndon" we have echoes of how Stanley Kubrick’s great un- made project, a biopic of Napoleon, may have looked and felt. It would have been stately, as "Barry Lyndon" is throughout, with perfectly still shots that linger on faces, or very slow pans and zooms of impeccable, symmetrical sets. It would have been… Continue Reading

Buy “Murder She Purred A Mrs. Murphy Mystery [VHS] Ricki Lake, Linden Ashby, Bruce McGill, Christina Pickles, Judith Scott, Kari Coleman, Blythe Danner, Anthony Clark, Edie McClurg, Ed Begley Jr., Terri Hawkes, Wayne Robson, David Burr, Simon Wincer, Amy Adelson, Brandon Stoddard, Kevin Inch, Ann Lewis Hamilton, Jim Cox, Rita Mae Brown Movies & TV” Online

Love this movie, seen it when I was little and loved it ever since =DThe 1 star is because the video came mangled up, and we were by chance, able to save the movie,still have trouble playing it though :/Considered taking it back, but oh well. … Check it out! Product Description A fun, spoofy… Continue Reading

Buy “Girl Next Door Henry Czerny, Polly Shannon, Simon MacCorkindale, Robin Gammell, Alberta Watson, Gary Busey, Janet-Laine Green, Vlasta Vrana, Daniel Enright, Amy D. Jacobson, Wayne Robson, Janet Kidder, Malcolm Cross, Eric Till, T.C. Martin, Adam Haight, Jay Firestone, Tony Thatcher, Alex Boon Movies & TV” Online

it was okay, but never got on the edge of my seat. Czerny was his usual strength. Check it out! A highly charged erotic thriller in which Czerny agrees to look after his neighbors’ sexy eighteen-year-old-daughter (Shannon) while they go away. After she is found dead, the local sheriff (Busey) takes the case and uncovers… Continue Reading

Buy “Shakespeare in Love Gwyneth Paltrow, Joseph Fiennes, Geoffrey Rush, Tom Wilkinson, Steven O'Donnell, Tim McMullan, Steven Beard, Antony Sher, Patrick Barlow, Martin Clunes, Sandra Reinton, Simon Callow, John Madden, Bob Weinstein, David Parfitt, Donna Gigliotti, Edward Zwick, Harvey Weinstein, Marc Norman, Tom Stoppard Movies & TV” Online

Young Will Shakespeare (Joseph Fiennes) feels utterly defeated. He’s museless, wordless, and he’s sold a non-existent play to 2 competing playhouses. He’s up the Elizabethan creek, and I can’t recall if this is a day for his standing therapy appointment. Weekly psychotherapy sessions are just one of the wonderful anachronistic modern-day constructs inserted into this… Continue Reading