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Buy “Race to Freedom The Story of the Underground Railroad Falconer Abraham, Dwight Bacquie, Janet Bailey, Nigel Bennett, Tyrone Benskin, James Blendick, Peter Boretski, Tom Butler, Len Doncheff, James B. Douglas, Adrian Gittens, Ron Hartmann, Don McBrearty, Anne Marie La Traverse, Brian Leslie Parker, Daphne Ballon, Karen King, Diana Braithwaite, Nancy Trites-Botkin, Peter Mohan Movies & TV” Online

I bumped into this movie several years ago as I was trying to find some type of Social Studies related video to show my 4th grade students. I previewed the movie, which is not rated, which at first made me a little nervous, but I was not disappointed with the actors or the development of… Continue Reading

Buy “The Phantom – Serial Tom Tyler, Jeanne Bates, Ernie Adams, John Bagni, Robert Barron, Early Cantrell, Anthony Caruso, George Chesebro, Edmund Cobb, Iron Eyes Cody, Wade Crosby, ngel Cruz, B. Reeves Eason Movies & TV” Online

Here we go again with another classic forties serial. This one has plenty of action and very distinct good guys and bad guys. I’m not spoiling anything when I tell you that in the beginning the old Phantom gets croaked and his son has to take over. After that, the action begins and never lets… Continue Reading

Buy “Thomas and the Magic Railroad [VHS] Alec Baldwin, Cody McMains, Russell Means, Peter Fonda, Jared Wall, Laura Bower, Didi Conn, Mara Wilson, Lori Hallier, Michael E. Rodgers, Edward Glen, Neil Crone, Britt Allcroft, Barry London, Brent Baum, Charles Falzon, Rick Siggelkow, Wilbert Awdry Movies & TV” Online

My son’s are a huge thomas the train fan. They love this movie. .Arrived on time and looks brand new even though it is used no scratches at all. Thank you! Check it out! Product description This is Thomas the Tank Engine’s first hit movie! Thomas, as anyone familiar with the eponymous, wildly popular TV… Continue Reading

Buy “Dr. Seuss – How the Grinch Stole Christmas/Horton Hears a Who Boris Karloff, Thurl Ravenscroft, June Foray, Dal McKennon, Hans Conried, Chuck Jones, Ben Washam, Jim Faris, John O. Young, Lovell Norman, Dr. Seuss, Bob Ogle, Irv Spector Movies & TV” Online

I was a bit hesitant to buy this set without seeing a list of the films it offered, but I’m glad I purchased it–this will be the perfect complement to my “The Original Christmas Classics Gift Set” DVDs. I really love the Rankin and Bass animation styles and songs for the holidays, and the addition… Continue Reading

Buy “The Prince of Egypt Val Kilmer, Ralph Fiennes, Michelle Pfeiffer, Sandra Bullock, Jeff Goldblum, Danny Glover, Patrick Stewart, Helen Mirren, Steve Martin, Martin Short, Bobby Motown, Eden Riegel, Brenda Chapman, Simon Wells, Steve Hickner, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Linda Olszewski, P.J. Hanke, Nicholas Meyer, Philip LaZebnik Movies & TV” Online

I love this movie. Amaizng music, fantastic animation. Worth watching at least once. Check it out! Product Description Dreamworks Pictures has taken the biblical story of Exodus, put it into cartoon form, and released it on the big screen as an epic animated feature. The Prince of Egypt tells the story of Moses releasing the… Continue Reading

Buy “Jason Paige, Russell Velzquez, Andre Betts, Joshua Tyler, Ray Greene, Sheila Brody, Marti Lebow, Vicki Sue Robinson, Rachael Lillis, Eric Stuart – Pokmon 2.B.A. Master – Music” Online

I love this soundtrack. In fact, I love all Pokemon music. The problem I find with these 2.B.A. Master soundtracks is that for some odd reason when being read by a console or computer, the title of the songs will be in spanish. Now the songs themselves are all in perfect english, but for some… Continue Reading