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Buy “Attack on Titan 1 (9781612620244) Hajime Isayama Books” Online

I find it absolutely hilarious that there are people who could read Attack on Titan and think that it’s got some kind of xenophobic or nationalistic/isolationist political message in it. Because seriously–did those people even READ the story? Are they so unable to read the (not even that subtextual) subtext that they don’t realize that… Continue Reading

Buy “Messenger (9780385737166) Lois Lowry Books” Online

SPARROW’S THOUGHTS:¡ANSWERS!Yes, Lois Lowry has finally provided us with answers concerning Jonas and Baby Gabriel after the freakish, yet brilliant ending of The Giver. Thus, I will make it known, that Messenger has been my favorite read so far in the quartet; although, the page count is pretty ridiculous. I mean, 187 pages? Really? Okay,… Continue Reading

Buy “Dramarama (9780786838158) E. Lockhart Books” Online

Dramarama was purchased for our daughter. This book was on a list as a recommended read through our daughter’s school in which she was required to write a report on during the summer. She thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and would recommend this book. The seller provided fast delivery, the product was exactly as described,… Continue Reading